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I have seriously talented friends

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This is Bob, Chris and Doug who form the band Irvine. They originally hail from East London and I actually used to play for them for a few years. Doug took my place when they all moved to cape town as I was unable to uproot my life for a possible music career. They should be more known than they are. Awesome guys, awesome talent!

Gareth, Nick and Drew of Gravity Wins Again - They are not that active anymore because Drew recently got married and Gareth and Nic are building momentum with the Sunday Blues. I came up with the band name( Gravity Wins Again) yay me!

Nic and Gareths new project - they will make you wee with laughter when you hangout with them!

What Now - met these guys when they still lived in Durban. Band I was in at the time did a tour to Natal and we played at the Wavehouse with them. Don't know the drummer and bassist too well but Ryan the guitarist is a freakin riot! Party animal of doom.
they're headed for the big time for sure.

see, Im also !
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