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The Joker

Why you shouldn't fork out R8500 for a GTX780

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Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Ok so everyone was waiting for the GTX780 to launch as it was supposed to be an absolute monster card and indeed it turned out to be amazing, slightly slower than a Titan while being a lot less expensive, so here I was thinking to myself..WOW, I am seriously impressed.

So I sat and went through all the reviews and I chatting to a couple of my clients about it when suddenly the local pricing price list popped up in my Inbox. Oh my Gawd I have never laughed so hard in my life

Before mentioning the price, I am posting some benchmarks so you guys can see the performance.

Pretty decent performance right? Yip damn nice!!

Then you come across the pricing, These cards will be starting at R8500...
So to put that into perspective, the cheapest 7970 can be bought for R4200 (Yes I know its not a Ghz edition but you can just push the slider to 1000Mhz yourself and you'll have a Ghz Edition card).

WTF are Nvidia thinking? Really $650 for a gpu that offers 5-14fps performance increase over previous gen cards that still play pretty much everything maxed out apart from Crysis 3.

I am all about hardware and I absolutely love it when faster/better hardware becomes available and I was totally impressed with the GTX780 until that price list popped up.

Why anyone would opt for a single GTX780 over dual 7970's or Dual GTX670 is beyond me.
Although dual gpu's do come with their own set of issues, they do offer insane performance that can actually justify the price.

Maybe I just feel like ranting because this week has been a week of shocks (Local Haswell pricing).
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