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The spaghetti archives: Spaghetti Western.

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>Go see student advisor
>"Hello, come in."
>Take off my bag
>Put bag on desk
>Sternly orders me to put bag on chair
>Palms are sweaty at this point
>Take file out of bag
>Furiously sift through file to find academic transcript with kak marks on it
>Notice a string of spaghetti in one of sleeves
>Keep on sifting through file
>Feel her eyes piercing through me
>(Ennio Mrricone - The ecstasy of gold - For a few dollars more.wav
>"Here you go, miss."
>Fleeting relief ensues
>Phone vibrates in pocket
mail motherfucker!
>She judgingly stares at me
>I smile a bent hard string of spaghetti while simultaneously shoving my hand into my pocket
>Pull out hand
>Look down
>Pulled out a fistful of spaghetti dollars
>Steady stream of spaghetti now gushes from my pocket to the floor
>knees weak
>Arms are heavy
>There's vomit on my sweater already
>Mom's spaghetti
>Mom's spaghetti
>Mom's spaghetti
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  1. Graal's Avatar
    What the hell?

    9/10, will read again.
  2. Edelweiss's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting!