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A detox diary

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KK, so I have decided to once again do a proper detox, hopefully to be followed again by a good fitness regime that I will stick to, heh. Mainly for my own purposes I will try detail as much as I can to help me stick to it and hey, if anyone else reads this and gets in the mood, win.

So, to begin with - I will cut out sugar and coffee and all gluten on Day 1 (tomorrow) ....... Rooibos tea it is, nothing else. I'll take some probiotics and vitamins just to settle the stomach (you don't have to but I find it helps with the nausea at least). On Day 4 I will allow myself what I cut out but in very small doses, and stick with the Rooibos over coffee.

That will also be when I start getting active ....... more on that later.

See you in 3 days (Saturday) for an update.
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  1. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    I know I'm only supposed to comment on Saturday but just thought I'd let you know how the first morning is without coffee and toast and shizz. It's not too bad ...... got some rooibos with honey and plain oats (also to be had with honey) are almost ready. Not missing the good stuff yet.

    Carry on
  2. czc's Avatar
    I cut out sugar last year and I have to say I don't really miss it.
  3. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    So ....... it's Saturday. Can't believe I made it. It's funny how in just 3 days you can get over things like bread and sugar and coffee. And the best part is that I actually feel better for it and I will take this 'extra' energy into my new fitness regime starting Monday, rawr.

    I'll be doing some grocery shopping today or tomorrow and I definitely think I can leave some things out See you in my next blog on what I will be doing to get in shape, how I will do it and maybe even why I will do it, heh.
  4. McT's Avatar
    So how is the new you doing then?