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Rate the game: Saints Row: The Third

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Quote Originally Posted by MalicE View Post
After 19 hours of game play with not too much faffing about I finally finished the main campaign of this insane 3rd person action adventure drama.

The best I can describe it is imagine GTA, now pump it full of steroids, viagra, and LSD, then put Ron Jeremy and Michael Bay in charge of production, toss it all in a blender and there you have Saints Row: The Third.

There might be times where some of the missions become slightly repetitive, but the pure pleasure of blowing stuff up makes it bearable.

It's crazy, vulgar, absurd, comical and an Aircraft Carrier full of fun!

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the genre and that isn't easily offended by beating strippers with a purple dildo

If you've had the privilege to play SR:TT use the poll up top to give it your mark out of 5

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And you even get to do some cosplay

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