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Ramblings of a Saint

Dee, the Noodles, and the Cupcakes

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Not many days ago, a rather tranquil Saturday if you will, Dee was preparing to go Insanity's Legends of Rock themed party for his fair maiden, with not too many expectations. The rugged sounds of Jimi Hendrix were blaring as Insanity abruptly arrived, signalling that their journey to party was to begin.

A rather dubious or odd looking duo; Insanity, ready to take on the role of The Starchild, Paul Stanley, and Dee who was a hairdo away from being the embodiment of Jimi Hendrix. The two drove off in a mild hurry, not wanting the other patrons at the party to wait for too long, accompanied by some random tunes from random artists. It was a short ride in truth, as they made it with time to spare.

As the two entered through a gate that led to Insanity's humble abode, Dee's eyes immediately registered a rather intriguing sight, The King of Rock in the flesh, the living flesh no less. In the house worthy for a home, Dee met an interesting array of personalities, along with the lively Madonna, who seemed to have been at the wrong party considering that it was a rock party.

The party was certainly a live-wire of fun with this lot of misfits, but it wasn't until Dee saw a platform of cupcakes that he truly knew love, or something very close it, which he realized as his eyes surveyed the delectable noodles that were placed next to these scrumptious looking cupcakes. Oh he mingled and let loose with the rest of the misfits, got intrigued by a girl or two, but that night was a night of courtship as both the cupcakes and the noodles- it's a good thing Insanity didn't add boerewors to the mix or Dee would've lost it completely- wooed him all night long.

The misfits danced, joked, laughed, and shared meaningful conversations throughout the night (while Dee stole intermittent moments with his mistresses, the cupcakes and the noodles), and as such, it was bittersweet when the parting of misfits could not be avoided. Memories were made, will most likely remain beyond that night.

In the somewhat early hours of dawn, Dee woke up, with only a single thought in his mind, to share a few last moments with his mistresses, while Insanity prepared to bid him fairwell. He savored those last moments, in a very literal fashion.

In what felt like a few moments later, Dee and Insanity were on the road, in another few miles, they were parking where Dee resided.

And thus was the end of a spectacular night...

Dee, the Noodles, and the Cupcakes; a better love story than Twilight

Updated 24-07-2013 at 08:22 AM by Saint_Dee



  1. Roomys's Avatar
    We need to do something in Durban me thinks?
  2. Saint_Dee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Roomys_ZA
    We need to do something in Durban me thinks?
    That sounds grand, except for the fact that we are in Gauteng
  3. korn1's Avatar
    What did Insanity lace the muffins with
  4. Saint_Dee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by korn1
    What did Insanity lace the muffins with
    I wouldn't know, man. All I know is, I couldn't put them down
  5. czc's Avatar
    Ooh, nice. I wanted to come. But had to prep for my Malawi trip.
  6. rootworm41's Avatar
    That was a funny story