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Voice of the Last Fenix

The End of an Era

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Hot off the presses 3D Realms, Developer of the much loved Duke Nukem series and long awaited Duke Nukem Forever Closes its doors. A Sad day in the Gaming World indeed.

All the fanboys will now be heart broken that the 12 year old Duke Nukem Forever will propably never see the light of day less another developer picks up the title. Though I think many are wishing Duke may now be laid to rest with what remains of his dignity after 12 years of delays and restarts.

In one of my previous blogs I put forward the question of whether or not DNF would work in today’s gaming environment and culture. (See Duke Nukem Forever, An Analog Clock in a Digital Age) It would appear that now this question will never be answered and I feel that maybe it is better this way, rather than having to live though one of your, and gaming’s, hero’s being reduced to a second rate budget title with weak reviews and bad public reception. Duke Nukem Forever should be entombed at the feet of Anubis, special charms and wards placed in and around said tomb while deadly booby traps, an army of undead warriors, a few flesh eating scarabs and a curse or two should guard over this IP until it fades from memory to history, history to legend and legend to myth before being lost to the sands of time forever.

RIP 3D Realms, RIP Duke Nukem Forever and to quote something I saw on the internet somewhere. “That which has never truly lived can’t never truly die…”

- Fenix Out -

Updated 21-02-2010 at 11:46 AM by OmegaFenix

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