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Saints Row: The Third [My Review]

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Quote Originally Posted by Vampothic View Post
Saints Row: The Third

Picking up from where Saints Row 2 left off. You and your gang eventually do a city takeover [Stilwater].

Saints Row: The Third has your gang now doing one last job in Stilwater [A bank heist]. Little do the Saints know, they're not robbing just any bank.

In their failed attempt at stealing a vault, the Saints are captured by the leader (Phillipe Loren) of an organisation known as The Syndicate. Being offered a ridiculous deal in exchange for their lives, the Saints manage to escape the clutches of Phillipe Loren, and fight their way off a plane on which they'd been captured. They (not all the Saints, however) eventually escape the plane, and find themselves in the city of Steelport.


Even though the story is a continuation from its predecessor, it didn't feel as involving as Saints Row 2.
But, aside from that, story was fine. Drama, humour and suspense are what drives the game. Unfortunately Johnny Gat makes a limited appearance (cameo, if you will), which was a let down, but didn't kill the game in terms of story at all, to be honest - would have been a nice addition though.


This time around the game is a lot more fun. Many things to do in here than in Saints Row 2, even without the large number of DLCs (Downloadable Content) released for the game. Gun play is better than Saints Row 2's gun play and the game has an aim-assist, making aiming at targets a lot easier. There is a very decent variation on the types of guns that can be used in Saints Row: The Third. Driving has been improved since Saints Row 2, but it still doesn't give you this feeling you're driving an actual car - it's fun, regardless.

As with Saints Row 2, there are many different kinds of clothing that can be purchased from various stores throughout Steelport. And not only clothing, jewelry and other accessories can also be purchased: from [Hobo gloves (fingerless gloves)] to lip and, facial and ear piercings. Saints Row 2 had layered clothing, which means that you can mix and match clothing types, Saints Row: The Third unfortunately doesn't allow for that, but the clothing variation and styles are so many that it doesn't leave much to be desired, IMO.

There are several times of melee attacks that can be performed using a weapon or simply using your fists.
Running at someone and hitting your melee button ,when you're in front or behind them, results in some hilarious moves to be pulled off (e.g riding someone's back on tarmac) -- just some of the funny things you'll bare witness to.


Weapon's sounds are relatively on par with how you'd think they sound. Vehicle's sounds are in good variation, but it still sounds like vehicles reach 3rd gear then max out - and depending on what you drive, that's how and what it will sound like and behave like.

The game's soundtrack is nice and has a good mixture of many genres, some you might like and others not.


A definite improvement over its previous installment. Skin looks more realistic and natural, and some hairstyles actually move when the character does - flowing and waving. Vehicles, buildings, roads and the like look a lot more detailed
as well with beautifully looking reflections bouncing off the ground. Explosions look a lot more movie-like too, be it something's blown up or just on fire, it looks good. From up high, the city looks incredible. Saints Row 2 has this bland(ish) look to it, but Saints Row: The Third is colourful an gorgeous to view from way up in the sky.

Voice Over/Acting

Once again, the voice over work was very good. Even pedestrian voices weren't so bad.
They had a good crew put together. Pierce is his annoying but funny self, Shaundi just sounds pissed, as apposed to her "hippy", chilled version from Saints Row 2 - and then the addition of some new characters who are also voice very good, many are well-known actors, hence the good voicing.


Oh yes! It has...many! Some are irritating and some have you laughing for how silly they can be.
Cars do still have the tendency of vanishing into thin air, but not nearly as bad as Saints Row 2.


Saints Row: The Third is a fun-time 3rd Person, open-world action game. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by many.
With so much to do in and around Steelport, it's sometimes hard to want to stop playing.

So if you're in the mood for a good action game with good humour and insanely fun gameplay all around, play: Saints Row: The Third.

Updated 11-09-2013 at 07:54 PM by Hagan

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  1. Scooby070707's Avatar
    currently playing this and having a real blast with it.

    About halfway done with it
  2. reedOsama's Avatar
    I hope you write something about Saints IV, it doesn't look too good but it would be cool to hear from someone who's played 2 and 3 quite recently
  3. rootworm41's Avatar
    Very fun game XD Just started playing it
  4. rootworm41's Avatar
    Also nice review XD

    *EDIT* Oh shooot double post :I