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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) [My Review]

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Quote Originally Posted by Vampothic View Post
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

"Released 7 years after its predecessor, Need for Speed: Most Wanted makes another appearance to the franchise, but, is it better and does it deliver more than its 7-year-old counterpart?"



Need for Speed has never really been a game about a [proper] story, until Need for Speed: Underground hit the market, and since then things have changed, making titles of the franchise more involving to the player.

However, with this current installment, the successor to Need for Speed: Most Wanted, released in 2005, things have taken a turn. You're a racer, racing to become the Most Wanted racer in the city of Fairhaven. Racing games don't typically have a story behind them; they're typically a completionists game or those just look for an adrenaline-filled, fun rush. However, it's predecessor [released in 2005] had a story - seemingly involving, since they give life to the characters against whom you eventually race after a certain number of activities completed.



Racing in various kinds of cars is always fun. The trouble is, there are so many to find and unlock, you'll likely not have time to want to find everyone and test them all out. You are given a very big variety to choose from but it seems wasteful [almost]. Vehicle handling is decent [no complaints]. The map could've been a little bit more intuitive - felt very "last-minute-made". Jumping from one car to another is fun regardless where you're driving (unless being chased by the cops), but even then, if your car is smashed up, find another one on your travels; hop in and speed off/away.

When you're being chased by the cops it's always fun. There was one thing I noticed [being curious] -- I had noticed the 5-0 like to speed alongside you and slam into your side trying to throw you off, or cause you to crash. So, what I did was, I waited until that moment, then hit the brakes hard, and guess what I discovered, something truly amazing/interesting/hilarious; when you hit the brakes the cops do too! No no no! I mean, the hit the brakes the same time you do. As if to say their braking is perfectly synched with yours. Now how can the cop know exactly when I'm gonna brake? It's as if I'm driving both cars simultaneously. It's unbelievable.

Now! Onto the one thing I definitely hate. A terrible BLACK mark again this game and its developer.
This. Is. Need. for. Speed. Why the f*ck do you have a motherdamn Crash Cam in a Need for Speed game. This. Isn't. Burnout.!
This is the MOST frustrating implementation in the game! I forgave not having the ability to modify one's car; and all that's available is a colour change which is pointless unless your car's banged up. Some races can also be difficult, having you repeat them multiple times. Some races -- you have to finish the race in a specific lane in order to win, choosing the wrong lane WILL result in failure!

After race, you cannot immediately enter your 'Menu' screen -- you have to wait until the game shows you all sorts of random sh*t [upgrades installed after a race]for 3-5 seconds before you can proceed to pause it!



I must admit - the sound in this game is good. Cars sound almost similar to those of the real cars, if not the exact same [some cars were unfamiliar, so I don't know their actual sounds]. Most other sound effects sound relatively pitch-perfect to that of what they're supposed to sound like.


The game is visually very pleasing to look at. The game makes use of the Chameleon [modified] engine.
Haven't noticed any cheap textures anywhere, so good mark for Criterion there.

Voice Over/Acting

Not much to say about it. You don't expect top quality or any at all. Cops chatter was convincing enough.
However, that lady who speaks during the intro and during outro has a really SEXY voice!


Didn't notice many, but the Crash Cam was some times buggy (being indecisive as to whether classifying a certain bump or knock a crash).


If you're looking to invest in a racing game, you can opt for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). I'd wait until it becomes cheap on the PS Store or digital download to PC before making that purchase. IMHO.

Updated 11-09-2013 at 11:07 AM by Hagan

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  1. rootworm41's Avatar
    Thanks for the review
    I think I will grab it on steam if it goes on sale
  2. okuhle94's Avatar
    I been playing NFS Most Wanted 2012 on PC for a while now (played about 150 Hrs now), must say that I really love the online game play. There is just this one glitch of the number plate resetting.
  3. big smoke's Avatar
    The game is very entertaining much plus those cars i wish they were all mine.....but they are bugs like when racing with your opponent...when you restart from crash you will find your opponent faraway...but when your oppenent crash or you take out the car....within 2 or 3 seconds the opponent is behind you and if you using weak cars or no nitros forget it you history.
  4. bradbear117's Avatar
    just installed it and have done about 10 or so races now. This game sucks. in my opinion. Its basically Burnout Paradise with licensed cars. All the crashing is really pissing me off. Doing take downs in real world cars just feels wrong. Hope it grows on me.