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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC)

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In this installment - Sam Fisher's past is revealed to him. From knowledge of his daughter to the best friend he murdered and more.



I have only minor complaints regarding gameplay.

When you're in cover -- you cannot move around corners since the button/key is being held down.
You have to first let go of the button or key to stop yourself from taking cover, then proceed to walk [crouched] around a corner, and depress and hold the button/key again to cling onto the wall. Game can run very choppy at times - especially when the are lots of AI and things happening on screen.

Using a keyboard - the movement controls aren't so friendly, IMO. You have to "Toggle" running and walking, as apposed to just simply press/pressing <and holding> Shift to run. In no way does the game feel sluggish, and although I say Sprinting, it's more like a jog. Sam Fisher is getting old, so I'll assume that running isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

The game has a detection notifier which informs you if you're being seen or not. If it's white, you're in the line of site of someone, or someone has noticed you, but not sure of if they've seen you or not. When it's red you've been detected. You can make you way to shadows of try and break line-of-site, which doesn't always work - as the enemy will follow you [carefully], and attempt to kill you from cover.

Shadows are one of the best sources of cover. When your screen turns from colour to black and black and white - you're hidden.

You have a variety of weapons and gadgets to choose from in order to eliminate the enemies: from a silenced pistol to a shotgun and a silenced assault rifle - and many more.

The cutscenes are very cinematic, as the camera makes some impressive maneuvering around Sam and whomever he is interrogating.

Interrogations are fun to perform, as you are given a space in which to perform many kinds of interrogative beatdowns, depending on what [breakable object you have at your disposal].

Enemies can be taken down in a variety of ways: from melee attacks, to gunshots to the body and even tosses from a ledge, windowsill or down a flight of stairs.



You can play using either the keyboard or controller, but I'd advise using the controller -- after having experienced the game twice using one of each for each session, I found it more comfortable and convenient to use the controller. The only problem with using a controller is that there is no aim-assist, which made things a little more difficult, but nothing very game-changing - most of my shots were still mostly on target.



As you'd expect a gun to sound that's how they sound. Grenades exploding near or far from you sound relative to that. I especially love the sound the Sonar Goggles makes - so covert. All sound are good, and I have no complaints.


[8.9 10]

Visually the game is very good-looking. All textures are neatly polished and well done - expect for maybe the by-standing world textures which won't be stared at. But, overall, the game is visually very pleasing.

Voice acting


Of course, the re-use of Michael Ironside's voice for Sam came as no surprise to be top quality. Other voices like Grim [Anna Grimsdottir] voice actress also played a convincing role as she did in previous installments, the same for Lambert [Irving Lambert]. Enemies repetitive dialogue can become annoying and does now and then lack in believability.


If there were any, I didn't notice. The game is well polished and allow little to be desired.




An awesome game! It's definitely worth a play to any fan of the franchise or anyone looking to play a decent 3rd person action/drama.

Updated 24-09-2013 at 02:32 AM by Hagan

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