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Saints Row IV : Review

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Saints Row IV kicks off with a stealth mission where you save America and rewarded by being appointed the President of the United States.
Now being a gang leader ,you have a different approach to running the country and how things are done.
Unfortunately that all comes to a stop as....wait for it...aliens attack earth,kidnap your white house staff and you and place you in what looks like the Matrix.

From there you have to free your homies by using your super powers which you get as you progress in the game. The weapons you acquire are quite bizzare yet totally awesome like the Dubstep gun(yes you read right),with each customization skin for the Dubstep gun you get a different sound.Man I wish they were real,killing people with the sound of awesomeness.

There is no actual nudity in the game as they are mosaic-ed,there are alot of suprises in the game,for those who played the first two Saints Row games(some ppl return from the dead).

You get to kill aliens and zombies...yes zombies. Your character is transformed into an 8bit character,where you play a game within a game,(INCEPTION).

You get to drive cars,alien spaceships,you can steal anything that has wheels,lol,even a commercial airplane.
The fun part is also in destroying anything and everything.

You have a choice on completing all the side tasks,I suggest you do them all as you will become stronger,faster and get better weapons,which you will need to fight the main boss....and get a special game ending,which you WILL enjoy.

PS,this game has some strong language,so it's not advisable for children.


  1. rootworm41's Avatar
    I just started playing it. All I'm going to say is that it is a lot of fun XD
  2. se7en's Avatar
    so much fun! love the intro music. i have not gotten far though other games got in the way