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An Open Letter to Microsoft: Just stop it now, please....

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Dear Microsoft

I’ve been a loyal fan of your company and your products now for over 15 years. I’ve owned almost every version of Windows since Win 98 (except that Windows ME crap), and although each may have been loved or hated, I still stuck with you. Even after I started getting into programming and coding and starting flirting with the idea of using Linux, I stuck with you. I even used your web browser even after people started to make fun of you. I am your most loyal fan.

I’ve owned both of the previous Xboxes. The first may not have been the best ever, but I stuck by you. And when you backed the wrong horse on the optical drive part with the current Xbox, I stuck by you. And when you announced and trumpeted the new Xbox One, I stuck by you. I am your most loyal fan.

And when you ventured into the cell phone market with Windows CE, I stuck by you. It may have been to my own detriment and I may have hated you for the shit product, but I stuck by you never the less.

But times are changing, Microsoft, times are changing...

I no longer like to love you. I find the act of being your fan a chore. I have to constantly fight a barrage of hate from everywhere. I have to constantly try and explain to people why your products are brilliant without any help from you. I have to sit and see how you stumble and cock-up every single piece or PR you try to spew into the world. And I am now sick of it!

You are not my preferred Internet browser anymore. I have someone new for that.

You are not my cell phone operating system provider anymore, and good riddance to you.

You are quickly losing my love for your Operating system.

You are demolishing my hope of one day coveting your new Xbox.

And you know why, Microsoft? You know why you are losing a fan that has been there? A fan that’s stuck by you, through thick and thin. A fan that’s spent thousands of Rands on you. A fan that’s always come up for you.
The reason is: you don’t care anymore. You have forgotten who you are. You have moved your attention away from me; not just as a gamer, but as a professional; as an analyst; as casual programmer.

You continue in this mindset that you cannot do wrong. Well guess what, the vultures are circling. Google, Apple, Sony, Valve, Linux, they are all looking after my best wishes. They try and show me that they care for what my opinions are. They care about their products, and how that impacts the rest of the world.

You made your OS more relevant by adding touch friendly interfaces and apps. Great work! It’s just a shame the rest of the industry did the same already a few years earlier.

You bought a mobile company to become more relevant in that sphere. Great work! Too bad it’s a company on the verge of extinction.

You are bringing to the world a truly forward thinking console, with many great ideas. Great work! I just can’t understand why didn’t make it more focused to the actual targeted audience.

So please Microsoft, please stop trying to generate hate everywhere you go. Please stop being such a corporate fuddy-duddy and come back down to earth. Please stop trying to fly in a market that demands that you walk. You are breaking my heart, and you are pushing me into the arms of someone else. Someone you will listen to my needs, hopes and dream. Someone you care for me as much as I care for them.

I will give you one last chance, Microsoft. I will stay faithful for now. But note that you are seriously dangerously close to losing me.

Your (for now) faithful follower

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  1. rootworm41's Avatar
    +1 (A bit harsh, but I have to endure the same thing) I really want Microsoft to do well, and I want to like them. But...seriously?
  2. rootworm41's Avatar
    Windows ME! Anyway the Xbox One doesn't look that bad anymore. PC still better
  3. slago's Avatar
    Dude are u running all them OS