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My Fitness/Diet Journal

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Ok, so a few months back I did a detox ....... that didn't turn out too well because even though I felt great, I just lapsed into my old ways. So 5 weeks back (this is week 5) I decided enough is enough. I have a 25 year reunion coming up and it sort of galvanized me into changing my lifestyle.

I managed to catch some passing comments on a thread about this Low Carb, High Fat 'craze' and thought why not give it a bash. Bye bye went sugar in all it's forms and so too carbs .... no bread, no cereal/porridge, root veggies, etc etc. I won't lie, that first week without that crap was hell. My body was not pleased at all with my decision and went into sulk mode which meant I was suffering, hehe. But, I started working out to combat that and to stop myself from cheating. Started out light, maybe 10 mins on a punch bag and a few lengths in the pool. After that week, the new way of eating just clicked. I was eating light and feeling fuller than I was before. The working out steadily got easier and the sessions got longer and here I am, over a month in and loving it.

Anyway, waffling aside, I'm going to try keep this blog going mostly as another motivation for myself but if anyone else happens on it and takes something from it, groovy. Memory permitting, I'll try jot something daily, what I'm eating, achievements, etc.

Stay tuned ........
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  1. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    Breakfast: Coffee with zero sugar and a dollop of cream, no milk and then metabolism juice after.
    Lunch: 2 slices of mature cheddar, round of polony, 2 boiled eggs.
    Dinner: Feta and avo salad, one low carb pita bread, 2 drumsticks.

    Just to give an idea on what I'm eating these days. grabbed a packet of peanuts for when I feel like chewing on something
  2. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    I can definitely feel my fitness levels increasing by the day now, everything just feels easier to do. Lengths being increased and while it puts a paining on the arms and chest, my breathing is that much calmer while I'm doing it. Really dig the feeling.

    Tonight I'm just going to stick to another salad and fillet because tomorrow is carb day so cheeseburgers and fries and a milkshake it is, woot!
  3. Gouko_Tenrou's Avatar
    @Mephisto_Helix how long have you been training?
  4. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    Today is the start of week 6 Gouko
  5. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    So today I went for a walk, breaking in my new Cat's (they crushed my footses). Got back and hit the bag for 10 minutes and then hit the pool coz it was so damn hot. Upped my lengths by another 20 and added another 10 each to my squats and situps. Pooped to the max but I feel lekker.

    Lunch was 4 bacon strips, 2 boiled eggs, piece of feta and 2 drumsticks. Feeling full and content. Think I'll just have some patties tonight with a broccoli cheese and some peas.
  6. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    Yesterday was a doozie, heh. I added some stuff ..... push ups, power walking up the mountain I call a driveway, extra weights, etc and it hurt a bit, I won't lie. think I need to scale back a little bit and be safe.

    Going to do a cook day this week. Just make a stack of meatballs, chicken pieces, bacon and broccoli and cheese muffins, sausages, that kind of thing and then put it all in Ziplock bags. Means I don't have to stress about feeling to tired after a workout to make something. Also heard from my sister that that low carb bread is not bad at all. I'll bake a spinach and feta one and a nut and raisin one per week. Add the no carb cookies and my weeks eating is looking way better
  7. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    Hopefully will be scoring a training mat and some other bits and bobs soon. I need to change up my workout a bit for variety. Don't mind doing more, I have the time spare.

    Will be making the low carb bread tomorrow, apparently it's yummy. Really hope it is because some things you just wanna bread with you know, hehe. Also going to be trying an awesome pancake recipe I saw ...... with berries and greek yoghurt. Already drooling at the prospect and the best part is it's all low carb or no carb, woot
  8. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    The measurements I take on a weekly basis are Bicep, Chest, Stomach, Waist and Thigh and yesterday they were all down another 3cm from last week. Even the biceps, which is shaping like crazy, are down 2cm.

    No better feeling than seeing the results of a weeks worth of dedicated working out and eating right. I say to anyone that wants to get into shape but is hesitant - start now and start small .... it will pick up and the results will make you feel good. More later in the week when I'll report back how the increased variety is going.
  9. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    I'm going to get a bench and a mat and some other odds and ends and turn the one room into a mini gym. I did some new stuff the last couple days and I liked the burn! Lol

    I can also now literally see my chest getting all uber ...... hell, it's awesome.
  10. Mephisto_Helix's Avatar
    Still going strong. Had a end-of-2-months-doing-this celebration/break and had a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate but today it was burned off ..... I made sure of it, lol.

    I think it's good to allow yourself a reward every now and then to be honest. Plus it feels good