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Ramblings of a Saint

Mygaming Forum Community Games Awards 2013

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The year 2013 is all but a distant memory, but did the games leave a lasting impression on us? Will we look back on that year and say 2013 was a great year to be a gamer? To get an idea of what the Mygaming Forum community thought of the year 2013 and its games, I've been running a few threads and polls which entailed getting nominations from the community in numerous games categories, followed by polls that would decide which games left their mark on the forum community, and ultimately these games would be crowned kings of their domains. Basically, Game Awards for the community, by the community!

Without further ado, here are your 2013 Mygaming Forum Community Game Awards.

First up, we have the rotten tomato, the bad apple, the sour batch of grapes, the turd in the herd,
The Worst Game of the Year

Ashes Cricket 2013 took the title with pretty much no contention 45.45% of the votes, Runner up Ride to Hell: Retribution took second place with 18.18% of the votes. Ashes Cricket 2013 was so atrocious, it doesn't have any critic ratings on Metacritic.

FPS of the Year

This was a close shootout as only a single vote separated the winner and the runner-up. Bioshock Infinite ultimately claimed the Shooter title with 31.25% of the votes, and Metro: Last Light had to settle for second best with 28.13% of the votes. Check out the review round-ups of Bioshock Infinite and Metro: Last Light.

Strategy Game of the Year

Through a single vote, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm took a close win with 30.43% of the votes, while joint runner-ups Dota 2 and XCOM: Enemy Within managed to get 26.09% of the votes respectively. Check out the review round-up for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Indie Game of the Year

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons took what can be called a no contest win over its competitors with 42.86% of the votes, while the runner-up, Spelunky could only amass 14.29% of the votes. Check out Gareth Thomas's review of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Tarryn van der Byl's review of Spelunky.

Platformer of the Year

Rayman Legends wins with this category with 42.86% of the votes, leaving LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as the runner-up with 32.14% of the votes which is somewhat surprising as this seems to have slipped through the category cracks and ended up being nominated for this category. Check out the Rayman Legends review round-up and the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes review round-up.

Simulator of the Year

War Thunder takes the title with 36.84% of the votes, while both Surgeon Simulator 2013 and SimCity take 21.05% of the votes respectively, earning them a second place spot. Check out the review round-up for SimCity..

RPG of the Year

One could say 2013 wasn't a great year for RPG's, and another might just say the Mygaming Community just weren't playing RPG's in 2013. Only 2 games were nominated, and Ni No Kuni took a very close win from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, with both getting 52.94% and 47.06% respectively, only separated by one measly vote. Check out Quinton Bronkhorst's review of Ni No Kuni.

Sports Game of the Year

This was certainly the least popular category with only 12 voters participating. FIFA 14 took an unsurprising win over Madden 25 with each getting 41.67% and 25% of the votes respectively. Check out the FIFA 14 review round-up.

Fighting Game of the Year

This category was a NetherRealm Studios with Injustice: Gods Among Us taking the title with 47.83% of the votes. Runner-up Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition took second place with 21.74% of the votes (to take second place is an interesting feat when you consider that the original game came out in 2011). Honorable mention: Skullgirls (17.39%). Check out the Injustice: Gods Among Us review round-up along with the James Etherington-Smith's review of Mortal Kombat.

Platform Specific Game of Year

Who was Ruler of the PC, King of the Xbox, and Overlord of the PS? This category essentially decided which games were the best each platform had to offer.

TressFX seems to have won over the hearts of the PC overlords as Tomb Raider took an easy win over Dota 2 with each getting 27.27% and 13.64% of the votes respectively.

GTA V took home gold on the Xbox 360 with 50% of the votes, leaving 3 joint runner-ups, Tomb Raider, AC IV: Black Flag, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons with 4.55% of the votes respectively.

The Last of Us stole many a heart of many a PS3 gamer as it also secured 50% of the votes, while Gran Turismo 6 took second place with 4.55% of the votes.

Check out Dan Parmenter's Tomb Raider review, along with the review round-ups for GTA V and The Last of Us

And last but not least, drum-roll please, I present to you the grand prize,
The Game of the Year 2013

In third place we have GTA V (19.05%), followed by The Last of Us (21.43%) coming in second place. And your winner, your cream of the crop, the Mygaming Forum Community Game of the Year 2013 is Tomb Raider with 30.95% of the votes. If ever there was any doubt about the pedigree of these 3 games, it should be forgotten considering each of them ruled a gaming platform.

For the all the relevant nominations threads and election polls, click HERE (And yes, because humans = errors, there was a category excluded in all the madness)