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Review: Killzone Shadowfall [PS4]

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Killzone Shadowfall was my first real dive into the Killzone universe, having not really played the other Killzone games other than Split screen Multiplayer on the PlayStation 2, I thought I would be somewhat lost in the lore and backstory but I can assure you that, you are filled in enough to gain a basic grasp of what has aspired in the 30 years prior to Shadowfall.

Firstly I must admit that visually Shadowfall is simply amazing, from rainy streets and sunny skyscrapers to cities falling apart and space stations. I was constantly impressed with the use of colour in Killzone. Despite it having what some may call a drab palate, it is always brightened up with lighting defects, bloom and HDR. Lighting plays a massive part of the visuals emphasis is put on the orange and reds of the Helghast soldiers as well as the blue and grey for Vektans. I did find the facial animations to be a bit "stiff" but I can forgive it due to the detail put into the characters faces.

The game play elements are your classic shooter type, sadly there is no open world for you to go forth to explore, yet the mission areas are quite large to some regard. However I still felt that I was lead down a linear path as my objectives were shown in sequence of A, B, C, D and so forth. I was also impressed by the varying areas in which the game took place. (Sadly the enemy types were not) .More so by the massive building which most of us have seen in the reveal footage of Killzone Shadowfall prior to it's release (Yes! That scene is not pre-rendered and it's 100% playable). I did find the fact that the further you progressed into the game the more Helgans you would fight and they would toss a few elite soldiers into the mix to try and keep it spicy. It felt that towards the end of the game you are simply killing Helgans to get bring and end to the game.

One aspect of Shadowfall I did like, and then at the same time disliked was the OWL. It can be described as a floating utility drone, and it is also the piece of equipment that somewhat identifies you as a Shadow Marshall (I had not come across any other NPC's with one so that could be why). While it serves it's purpose as a means to revive from being downed a grappling hook and terminal hacker, for which some parts of the game are set out specifically for you to make use of your OWL to progress further. I found myself hardly using it's stun function or shield, or even it's attack function as a matter of fact. It felt a tiny bit lacklustre. Perhaps if I was to play on the hardest difficulty I would find it's usefulness more appealing but from my perspective it was useful as a means to revive oneself. There is also the Tactical Echo, which I liked quite a lot it serves as a useful tool to determine enemy movement. It sends out a sound pulse that bounces off objects and enemies and highlights them on your screen. Similar to a 3D version of Radar, at time I felt using it made me felt like I was cheating as I could see where all the enemies were and would adjust myself accordingly.

The story, on which Shadowfall presents takes place 30 years after the events of Killzone 3. You assume the role of Shadow Marshall Lucas Kellan whom during the relocation of their home befell upon a loss of a family member. He is adopted by his savour Thomas Sinclair and enrolled into the Shadow Marshall academy. The story progresses as you investigate a possible cause of attack on your home planet Vektan. I found the story managed to pique my interest most of the time, I did not forget what was happening nor was I seriously interested in it. I won't spoil any more of the story but I will say it ends with the classic betrayal and revenge scenario.

Killzone's Multiplayer is where I spent most of my time prior to completing the campaign. It is seriously fun when you manage to find a game, as for some reason Team Deathmatch is the most popular game mode. It's primary attraction is the Warzones gameplay mode, the rounds are broken into 3 to 5 minute time limits in the allocated time you are presented with varying scenarios from TDM, Capture and Defend to a area capture and denial. At the end of a round you simply await a few seconds to be issued new orders. You could start off in a 3 min Team Deathmatch game and then move to a search and destroy and end off on a beacon capture. It is all very fluid and you will never feel like you are playing multiple rounds, it feels like a single game with varying objectives set out to you at varying intervals. Weapons are all available from the second you start your Multiplayer experience, you simply obtain sights and grenades, so there is never a upper hand advantage that more experienced players have.

Shadowfall has a class system which splits players into 4 (3 without the DLC) classes.
Scout, your classic sniper class with a cloak ability and stune drone as well as the tactical echo, which you hold a button and it displayed foes caught in it's sound wave for a limited time and finally an emergency teleport.

The Soldier a grunt class with a variety of assault rifles a nano shield to block enemy fire a buddy drone to attack and speed boost.

Support class whom has Machine guns and and can unlock an AOE grenade "The Limpet". They can deploy spawn beacons and turrets as well as summon air support drones to hail fire on unaware enemies.

The final class is unlockable via DLC is the insurgent class.

I can imagine eventually making this a PS+ title will bring in a host of new players.

To conclude I found Killzone Shadowfall to be a engaging experience, somewhat lacking in the story department but alas I would have probably enjoyed it a bit more if I had played the previous 3 games.
I would not rate it as the best FPS of the year, how ever if you are looking for a bit of a break from Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone has a winning formula and a great multiplayer experience.

"It's got it's flaw's and it has it's charms, all in all it is a good game, that's all to it."
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    good post love this blog
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    I'm trying to quit gaming lol. takes too much time and I rather spend it efficiently... However, 15-20 minutes a day playing dirt bike games, can't go wrong
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    Good luck in quitting lol, how do you quit gaming? I think I'll play games even on my death bed!!