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My Anime Favourites Part 1 (My Love for Gainax)

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Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995): One can't deny that Neon Genesis has set itself as one of the definitive anime series of our modern times. From casual watchers to Otaku's Neon Genesis is known by almost everyone and anyone that has watched anime, like and disliked by many due to it leaving viewers with an what seems to be a seriously flawed plot hole and ambiguous ending I, simply can not deny that it is one of the best anime series ever. The controversy that arose over it's ending brought upon the creation of 2 additional films to give closure to the series For an anime that was created almost 20 years ago, it still beats many newer productions with it's crisp and clean animation style, slick voice acting both on the Japanese and English sub, and unique mecha styles. I enjoyed Neon Gen from start to end and I still do to this day - Get in the fucking robot, Shinji.

FLCL (2000): A mixture of teen angst as well a bucket full of Fourth Wall breaking, FLCL (Fooly Cooly, Furi Kuri and it's many variations of spelling) is something everyone that ever grew up and experienced the growing pains of their teen years should watch. While every episode is a different romp in the lives of the main characters, the story progresses continuously somewhat. Sometimes I think the main plot is just there to progress the series to progress the 'main plot'. For me the whole story is the main plot, in the end everything comes full circle and you are treated to a spectacle that only Gainax could pull off. You could watch FLCL many times over and still find something you missed the previous times and still enjoy the journey of madness - My head is empty.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007): I think we start to see a pattern developing here, GAINAX again? Why yes! Back when they were still cool, Gainax made some pretty amazing shows. TTGL is no exception with loveable characters, massive transforming robots and enough fan service to make any Hikikomori leave their house, to go forth and meet women. Besides the over the top galaxy tossing battles and memorable one liners, TTGL features some memorable characters and a moving story that had me cheering the Gurren squad along as they went into battle against seemingly impossible odds. While the story is separated into two parts I found myself initially liking part 2 less until the battles started to get beyond ridiculous - Break through the heavens!
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