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My Anime Favourites Part 2 (Films)

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Ghost in The Shell(1995): If I think back at what got me started with anime I would instantly say Ghost in the Shell. My nine year old self was shocked when I watched it for the first time you can imagine violence, nudity and generally mature content of the film confused and excited me at the same time. Now that I am much older I appreciate the film a lot more and consider it a classic as well as one of my favourites.

Howls Moving Castle (2005): Hayao Miyazaki, is a genius of a filmmaker and director, and Howls moving castle is a genius piece of film, it hit all the right spots and it's pacing was so well done I was genuinely surprised when the credits started rolling.

5 Centimeters Per A Second (2007): I was initially put off because many friends told me how depressing and slow it is, while some may find this true, I can not believe how wrong they were. 5 cm is an amazing film and anyone who has ever loved anyone else would instantly latch onto and relate to the main characters. It's far from your typical love story, in fact I would not even call it a love story. It's Makoto Shinkai's true interpretation of life.

Redline (2007): Redline is an amazing piece of art and visual aesthetic that we don't get to see very often. A visual orgasm of colour and hand drawn animation coupled with nail biting suspense and a good mixture of drama and action. It's quite possibly the best thing MADHOUSE has ever done (besides the Hunter X Hunter revival in 2011).
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  1. Dark Bane's Avatar
    I've only seen 25% of these, looks like I have my weekend movies picked out for the next 3 weekends