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My Anime Favourites part 3 (A Strange art and aesthetic)

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Ping Pong the Animation (2014): When you first experience Ping Pong you will be greeted with what appears to be a lazy and amateurish approach to animation. As you can guess by the title it's about ping pong, but that is simply used to move the story along. The characters are basically what make the show. Yet despite it's appearance Ping Pong is a treat visually, and carries a quite a few strong messages about being oneself, breaking psychological boundaries and persevering in the precipice of defeat.

Katanagatari (2010): With less than conventional character design, with vibrant and eye popping colour. Katanagatari's lengthy dialogue and smart fight sequences coupled with it unusual aesthetic make it a joy to watch. The plot is simplistic and you could easily discern the plot twists before the end of the series but the immense dialogue and love hate relationship Togame and Shichika have makes it more interesting every episode. You are also guaranteed some form of combat every episode as they seek to obtain 12 legendary swords.
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  1. BeoTeK's Avatar
    Excuse my ignorance, are these movies?
  2. Glordit's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BeoTeK
    Excuse my ignorance, are these movies?
    They are anime TV series, Ping pong is quite short at 11 episodes and Katanagatari is at 12 but it is 40 to 50 minutes per a episode for the latter.