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My Anime favourites Part 4 (Tasteful? Violence in Films)

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Disclaimer: All of the below listed films/OVA's are rated 16 to R18 depending on the cut/version you are able to obtain. They are rated thusly and all contain the following: Violence, Bad Language, Drug Use, Sex, Nudity, Blasphemy, Alcohol Use, Discrimination, Various profanities and other nasties that may offend sensitive people such as science, breaking the laws of Alchemy truth and difference of opinion.

Hellsing Ultimate (2006-2012): Forget everything you know about the original Hellsing Series that came out in 2001. Ultimate follows the manga more closely and is not afraid to knash its fangs at you. Interestingly enough, MADHOUSE produced Episodes IV-VII which I consider to be the most violent of the series.

The Garden of Sinners (2007-2013): Only hearing about this recently I was absolutely blown away by this series, while I will admit of a lot of detail is left out initially, you the viewer are left to fill in your own conclusions and thoughts on the characters. The timeline is also somewhat fragmented and I felt a little lost in the middle at some points but it does a stellar job of pacing the story and pulls itself back together so well in the end you will be wanting more.

Berserk Golden Age Arc (2012-2013): Another series that was 'rebooted' into a film series Golden Age Arc gives us 3 glorious full length films of Gut's and Griffith from inception of the Hawk's to their untimely downfall into madness. A pity that there is no news on the continuation of the series.

Mardock Scramble (2010-2012): While it's classified as a film series, I would rather call it an OVA series. With all 3 films having an average running time of 61~ minutes. It's lengthy thoughtful dialogue is broken briefly with fast paced action sequences. Despite being very futuristic, I personally thought it had the best character development.
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