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Does (Can) What You Play Define You As A Person?

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Quote Originally Posted by Hagan View Post
Hi Gamers,

I've been doing some thinking.

We all love gaming (or so I would assume given the name of this forum), but can what you play define you?

I'm sure many of us are multi-genre gamers. We play games that we like and enjoy playing, however, we do gravitate towards one or two specific genres more. As an example, my favourite genre is FPS, followed in second by RPGs and Racing in third, but I find that I play FPSs a lot more than any other. I prefer FPSs a lot more than any other, hell, I play FPSs a lot more than any other genre.

Now, FPSs are not known for their in-depth story lines or tactical means of play (usually not); more often than not it's a case of "run-and-gun" which does not take much brain power to accomplish.

My question is:

Does the kind of game you prefer to play mostly define you as a person? I have clocked at least 700+ hours of Battlefield 3 MP, whereas other people have clocked that AND MORE in games requiring a greater thought process and a more skillful and tactical means of approach (MMO, RTS etc).

I ask you guys this because I feel one-track minded, as though I'm incapable of playing games or preferring to play something that forces me to think less. Maybe, I just prefer hours of mindless, repetitive killing over something which may seem to be more significant.)
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  1. Xero's Avatar
    I don't think what you play defines you at all.
    Whether you play RTS / RPG or FPS games all of them involve a certain amount of processing from your decision making processes right through to your hand eye coordination.
    Some games require faster responses and some more of an end game approach but personally I've never seen the difference in any game aside from the mechanics of input and the difference in thought process for specific genres.

    So to surmise, no, playing FPS titles does not mean that one is lazy or stupid, simply that you generally are focused on faster more rapid action that centres equally on hand eye coordination and split second decision making patterns.