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Other Interests

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I have been doing networking in all forms for many a company.

Working with CISCO, writing CCNA and CCNP was probably the most exciting aspect of networking for me. Worked a lot with Mikrotik, Ubiquity and Motorola.

Therefore my home must be one big network as things should be. :-)

Of late my Internet connection sucks: I do not have ADSL, fiber or mostly LTE in my area. The only LTE coverage I do have is from MTN.

Before I had WiMax from Telkom and AfriHost as my service provider. I 'added' two WiMax routers for 1Mbs (125KB/s) down and 512Mbs up. This is not fast, but it was super stable and I could do online gaming and streaming without much hassle.
Also - I never been down once in 8 years! Then Telkom canned WiMax.

Anyway - so now I am busy trying to boost my signal. First MIMO LTE antenna I bought was from Poynting - the XPOL-0001 with a gain of 2.5dbi.

So far I have tried to stick it to a window close by but sadly no improvement. Taking the antenna outside gives me 4 out of 5 bars! That is 2 signal bars more than I currently have. Now I need to probably mount it on a pole and I will need to extend the two cables. Until then...

I also like to do a bit of song writing and I can spend hours messing around on Music Maker and playing the guitar.

Updated 13-05-2016 at 08:37 AM by Avantar

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