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Dark Bane

My Anime List: Most Memorable

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Ok, as my first blog I figured I'd list some of the most memorable anime I've seen thus far, excluding films. I thought of doing my most favourite, but that's a bit harder since I can't remember everything I've seen. Also, this is just the ones I can think of so I might amend this later. As a disclaimer, these are memorable anime, not necessarily my favourites or the most highly rated. And they're not all "must see" anime, just the ones that you remember for one reason or the other, good or bad.

So here it is, in no particular order, a list of the most memorable anime I've seen.

  • Berserk
  • Code Geass
  • Darker Than Black
  • Beck
  • Wolf's Rain
  • Steins;Gate
  • Death Note
  • Soul Eater
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Shakugan no Shana
  • Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Katanagatari
  • Break Blade
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Samurai 7
  • Angel Beats!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Air Master
  • Air Gear
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Ergo Proxy
  • One Punch Man
  • Claymore
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball Z

Maybe I'll expand on this and give reasons why each of these is memorable to me, but for now I'll leave it here.

Updated 04-06-2016 at 11:19 AM by Dark Bane

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