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Stalker Call of Pripyat.

Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.
So I have been playing stalker cop for about a week and must say, best stalker game by far. They have really polished the engine, and it looks fabulous. The games graphics can be very breath taking, and really does the job in pulling you in, the nights in stalker are blacker than any nights you have played through in any game, which is blacker than the blackest place on earth,and can be very frighting when you hear growls in the blackness .

They have brought back the weapons from stalker shadow of Chernobyl, and have put in new weapons.The alife has been revamped and works better than the previous stalkers, bandits and stalkers are always having skirmishes when ever they bump in each other,at one point was watching them kill each other, the bandits won, there was a wounded stalker begging for help in Russian, When one of the bandits walked up to him and shot him in the head, and then proceeded to loot the corpse.

You have three major areas, the first one were you start is called zeta,which is like a swamp, you can go and chill at the old barge were you can chat to stalkers or bandits and get missions and what not. Then after you have done what you need to do there you go to the next one called Jupiter, has a few cool places like the scientist's bunker and the train station were all the stalkers hang out. Then you have to find a way to get to Pripyat,which is a big sprawling old city . There are a few missions were you don't have any help like way points to show you what to do, Like you had to find a certain person but nobody knows were he is, so you have to search every nook and cranny to find the guy. You get awards for certain things like finding all the anomalies, which I find is a great feature. One thing it basically always raining in this one more than the other two.

Money is not a issue in this game, here is an example, One of the traders asks you to find a artefact, so once you have found one you bring it to him and he pays you 10000 for a artefact worth only 3000 if you sell it like you would normally. So money is easy to come by, now you can afford those cool suits and weapons instead of finding or being rewarded one(I find that annoying as the other stalker games you would only get a really cool one near the end) Once you have finished stalker cop, You can carry on playing. I have not finished it yet, but I read there are missions you can only do once you have finished the game. So all in all I give the game:


And it is very cheap too.

Updated 22-02-2010 at 08:26 AM by Tsar

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  1. OmegaFenix's Avatar
    Also playing it at the moment and you have it right on. Still needs a few patches but its in much better condition that all the previous stalkers. I like the reworked trade and upgrade system, having to decide whether or not to carry or leave weapons is a bigger choice than in all the previous games. Also having to find tools so the tech can improve your weapons is much better than just having them all there for the taking.

    Check out my Blog post "Fighting for your Life in a Virtual World" It details one of my favorite experiences in gaming to date.
  2. tpex's Avatar
    Great review tsar, can you tell us the link to the series story?