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    At that website. The eps are only 60mb and they are just as good as a 135mb eps. I even got a 150 1080p. I would buy them but I am out of work. I personally don't think it is wrong as long as you are not making a profit from it.
  2. How do you get your Anime just btw Tsar? Don't worry about saying you download it because honestly buying boxsets can be ultra expensive considering what you get. I know it is wrong, but hey that was my weakness. Used to buy like 70%-ish boxsets and the rest were fansubs of Anime that was not licensed yet. I would make concessions for something that I was seriously interested on occasion.

    Sadly now with 3G I cannot download shyte really... BUUUT, I have applied for a new line and Telkom are looking to install ADSL here again.
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    Have not read the manga so I am not sure. I have only seen a few eps. So far it is awesome.
  4. I want to get the anime but for now I am reading the manga instead. So how is the anime? The manga is pretty sweet so far I must say. Does the anime deal with the whole Harvest character and the black dandelions or is it following a different story altogether?
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    Could not help but notice your avatar. I am currently watching darker than black.
  6. Have not watched the Anime in question but it is called - Darker Than Black. I have heard good things about it though.

    Sadly like I mentioned the recession has hit my habits hard. Have had to make some cutbacks, however, I needs meh games >_<

    Also had to stop getting comics as well as manga, but it will change at some point I am sure. Seems these days I am buying more games than ever, so never any real spare cash

    Maybe I should get a bud to get some fansubs, but I feel a little weird about them because I would be a hypocrite concerning piracy. I am not anal when it comes to piracy, but in general I feel it is off. Hell I hope I do not start a war here for saying that! Take note - anyone who disagrees can do so but I will not rise to the bait.
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    ooh you replied on you wall, I do too

    now why does your avatar seem familiar?
  8. Hoo-Ha! That's right! What an odd Anime. But I love that style of Anime, you know, the ones that don't explain everything rather leaving you to think at the end.

    Sadly because this recession my Anime collection is not growing since I have had to make some cut-backs... sniff...
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    Ergo Proxy!
  10. Hehe seems we keep meeting like this! Seems we have a LOT more in common than I thought :P
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