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I'm an independent game designer and developer. I'm not a programmer.
In my experience, a game design course is a bad idea - they are mostly shockingly awful, including the ones you hear are good. You can learn far more, and far more quickly, by googlin'. I've known people who wanted to make games who were put off by bad uni courses, and I know a lot of people in those courses who only realise by third year that they've been completely wasting their time, but don't want to drop out with only a year to go.
I also know people who've decided at random to quit their day jobs, spent a year unemployed and exhaustively teaching themselves their chosen discipline from nothing, and then gotten jobs in the industry. Those particular people admittedly tend to be from countries where there are actually jobs available, but the point isn't that they got jobs so much as that they became skilled enough to work at AAA developers in less time than it takes to graduate a games design course with relatively few skills and a degree nobody cares about.
You're right that you don't need to be a programmer to get into game design. It still helps to know a bit, mostly so that you can communicate with programmers.
The best place to start if you're interested in design but not programming is probably level design. Figure out the Source SDK or UDK (or Unity, I guess, I've never used it) and start making some levels. Most of the professional game devs I know started out mapping or modding. Joining a mod team is a great idea.
tl;dr: You made this post, so you have a computer and the internet. That's everything you need to make a great videogame. This is the last topic in the world you need to pay somebody to teach you about. Go go go.


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