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Thread: GamersGate info and specials

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    Default GamersGate info and specials

    I thought it might be a good idea to add a thread about them to go along with our steam and good old games thread.

    Basicly another digital distributor. There 2 websites they use and, sites are integrated only difference is the one uses $ and the other brittish pounds.

    Payment: They allow paypal and credit cards, credit card payments are done via They also support the use of diners club for those with diners club cards. You also use gamersgate blue coins payment system. Each time you buy a game you earn blue coins, you also earn blue coins through writing reviews,ect. Once you have enough you can use these instead of paypal or cc.

    Downloads,installs and drm: Downloads happen with their installer program. You are allowed to download and install as many times as you want. Only thing is when starting the installation the installer needs to quickly connect to the web to verify. Some games because of publisher demands have activations limitations aka know as securom but they offer to reset this limit if you run out of activations. Just an email to [email protected]. Also concerning serials and downloads these gets stored on your online account so you can access it any time.

    Current specials:

    Gamersgate 5 year anniversay:

    Other specials:

    Deadspace 2 $53.95 +- R391 10%:

    Dungeon Defenders $8.99 +-R65 of 10%:

    Simon the sorcerer as chaos happens $9.95, +-R72, 60% of:

    Bulletstorm $53.95,+-R373,10% of:

    There are a few others as well:

    Games of weekend:

    Preorder specials:

    Special for Assasins creed brotherhood deluxe preorder. Preorder and get all deluxe content for free, also save 17%. $49.95, +-R366.

    Bulletstorm preorder price $53.99 +- R391 10% off :

    Preorder Total war shogun 2 and get 30% back in blue coins. 29.95 brittish pund, +-R347 :

    Preorder men of war assault squad and get men of war red tide free:

    Witcher 2, $44.95, +-R330, 10% of:

    Trapped Dead, $23.96, +-R175,20% of:

    I have bought two worlds 2 and drakensang river of time from them without any problems. Also have dragon age 2 signature edition on preorder from them.

    Will try and keep this as updated as prophet has done with the other 2 threads.

    Edit: Added some new items and removed others.
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    sweet... are they like region specific like steam or uber region specific like d2d ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pr⊕phet View Post
    sweet... are they like region specific like steam or uber region specific like d2d ?
    Like steam. I haven't come across one game being region locked like d2d or impulse.

    The only one that did give me issue was two worlds 2 because it hadn't been released in the uk/us yet and the website detects our region as uk. When clicking on it it would say its not available for the UK/US yet.

    So this was more of it not being released for that region rather then being region locked.

    I did overcome it with this trick from rpgwatch:

    Ah ok I used, and was able to get it. Thanks for the tip!

    Instructions on how I did it from the US:

    go to

    Click the small "surfen" link on the page, and enter ""

    Log in to your account, then select the version of Two Worlds with no language (this is the english version). Click buy, then checkout, then confirm purchase. The site will eventually timeout because it can't establish a secure connection.

    Gamersgate will then send you an email that says "please finish your order". Click on the link provided in the email (this will bring you to the regular site), log into your account, and then fill in your payment info.

    Viola, Two Worlds 2 is yours.

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    Overall i've found Gamersgate to be the "least" region specific. It is a european site [where Steam + D2D is USA] , so you are more likely to get the EU version of games on there. You will definitely notice they have German/Spanish/French versions of alot of games [something you won't see on Steam] .

    I bought from them before, can't complain. It's not as integrated as Steam, and is more like Direct2Drive. For some it's a good thing (it means you don't need an app to launch games, and you download the game without any Steam-like "DRM") . They also got a nice "points" system, where you get points for every purchase, which implies you can use the points to buy game in the store, kinda like a "cash back" thing. So in some cases it can translate to a double discount if you use them alot.

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    Yeah they have a huge collection of games that were only released in europe. They also have a lot of mac games for those with mac systems.

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    Preorder Total war shogun 2 and get 30% back in blue coins. 29.95 brittish pund, +-R347 :

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    New specials :

    Kudos $7.98 , +-R58 , 60% of:

    Kudos 2 $8, +-R58.20,60% of:

    Preorder men of war assault squad and get men of war red tide free:

    Simon the sorcerer as chaos happens $9.95, +-R72, 60% of:

    Singles $8, +-R58, 60% of:

    Singles 2 $3.98, +-R29, 60% of:

    Sims 3 $31.99, +-R233, 20% of:

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    Gamersgate valentines competition. Upload a video explaining why you love someone/game/pet,ect and you could win a game for free. Entries close sunday.

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    Games of the week:

    Digger simulator $7.98 , +-R58, 60% of :

    City of Rain $4.98, +-R36,50% of:

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    Hmm, City Rain sounds interesting.
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