Incredible Corruption is doing their trade in thing again....

Bring in your old camera, PC, Notebook, GPS, printer, keyboard, mouse or monitor & get up to R4000 off selected technology.*

Now you have the opportunity to bring in any old technology you have lying around and get discounts off something new. Your old PC is worth something to us. We will refurbish what we can and donate it to schools & charities in need of computers. So, trade-in your old technology and contribute to this worthy initiative.
Trade-in any old monitor and get:
R200 OFF any 16� LCD
R300 OFF any 17� LCD
R400 OFF any 19� LCD
R600 OFF any 22 � LCD
R800 OFF any 24 � LCD
R1000 OFF any 26 � LCD

Bring in any old PC or notebook & upgrade to ANY new notebook**
R500 OFF any Celeron or Atom Notebook
R1000 OFF any Dual Core Notebook
R1500 OFF any Dual Core 2 Notebook (T5 & T6 series)
R2000 OFF any Dual Core 2 Notebook (T7, T8, P7 & P8 series)
R4000 OFF any Mobile Quad Core Notebook

Trade-in any old printer and get:
R200 OFF 3-in-1 Inkjet Multifunction
R400 OFF any 4-in-1 Inkjet Multifunction
R500 OFF any Colour Laser
R600 OFF any Laser Multifunction
R1000 OFF any Colour Laser Multifunction