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Thread: The House of the Dead: Overkill

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    Default The House of the Dead: Overkill

    Planet Terror meets zombie mutants in this shooter for the Wii. Lock, load, and prepare your Wiimotes for some intense trigger happy action!

    The House of the Dead: Overkill

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    found it fun with beer + pizza; apart from that well you will have to want to play it, otherwise personally i'll pass.
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    Good to see A Wii title being reviewed on MyGaming.

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    Not here....


    the fanbois should find their own forum. This is MyGaming not My360Gaming or MyPs3Gaming or even MyPCGaming. We are all Gamers.

    P.S Almost forgot its also not MyWiiGaming
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    Best house of the dead was and always will be house of the dead 2 ! Period !

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    Haha what makes u say that Dohc?

    Have u played overkill yet?

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    this looks okay... wii needs more rpg horrors then arcade shooters

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