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Thread: Logitech Driving Force GT review (MyGaming)

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    Default Logitech Driving Force GT review (MyGaming)

    Logitech Driving Force GT review (MyGaming)

    MyGaming settles in for some serious racing with this driving sim kit

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    Default Re:Logitech Driving Force GT review

    Thanks for a great article! I think it is a very good idea for MyGaming to also review peripherals for the games on the various consoles! I also own a Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel combo and can totally agree with the review. The forcefeed back is good and consistent (at least with GT5, Need for speed shift and the demo for WRC 2010 - i have a PS3). I have not jet had to play with the settings due to over/under sensitive feed back of the wheel, so that is great, you can just plug and play!
    I agree about the pedals as well. Putting a plank under the pedals to lift it up helps a bit with the angle, but unfortunately the best solution is to get a racing seat set-up (wish list!). The only real gripe i have is that the break pedal is quite sensitive, and does not modulate the breaking so well. However, you quickly get used to it so it is OK. And as far as i can tell, form all the other "budget" wheels out there this one performs the best (according to other reviews). If you want to spend this amount on a steering wheel, i think the logitech is the best choice, if you want to spend more, MyGaming will have to do more reviews!
    Hope this helps.

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    I agree, great article. I bought GT5 a awhile back and been tossing and turning over what steering wheel to get, price wise and performance wise. This helps a lot. Its like a sign, lol.

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    Plastic pedals
    no clutch
    no 7 speed gearbox (6+reverse)
    No dual motor force feedback


    But then again, if you look at the pricepoint, it makes it worthwhile. My G25's Gearbox packed up first night I played shift 2 (Bought the wheel in 2007) so Now it's completely useless....

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    I really wish I could afford one of these. Playing Shift Unleashed on my keyboard just makes me feel like seomthing is missing.
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