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Thread: The Official "MyGaming" Anime Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCF_Undefined View Post
    Darker than black: great underrated series. reminds me of another series I need to finish:Canaan
    I can't remember how long ago I saw that, but I still remember it so well, even the intro. I really had fun watching that, I think it was 6 years ago. It really is underrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glordit View Post
    Chinese Electric Batman? You never heard of him!? Jokes aside, it's an amazing series. I loved how contractors all had a price to pay for their powers.

    Just avoid the second season, it's a shell of what the show was. It closes some doors on characters, then opens them anew again.
    Lol, I mostly agree. But I think it's worth a watch anyway, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the first season. I watched it around the time I watched BECK, so I only have fond memories of it, even the second season that left me feeling very unsatisfied. I say the hugeass gun is reason enough to watch it.

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    Oh, & did I mention it has one of my favourite intros Great, now it's stuck in my head

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    I appears that Boruto's popularity is in a slow decline.

    Initially it started at a solid 8.2 but as of this week, it is floating at around 7.59. That's about a 0.6% drop in 9 weeks, I can't predict the future but I see it floating at around the low seven's and skyrocketing up at it's conclusion. Much like the original did, which it did not deserve, at all.

    As for myself, I have abstained from watching it. I just can't bring myself to re-watch the original Naruto, all over again.

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    i got over watching it i only watch it when i have 4 episodes to skim watch. its very meh nothing really hectic

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    Meanwhile, in Dragon Ball Super...

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    I recently got around to watching the "Boruto: Naruto the Movie" and was surprised me when the credits started rolling was that, it is better than the first Naruto films, Shippuden films and most of the Naruto series including.

    It's just shame that the Boruto series does same things as Naruto. Except, this time it's worse. While Naruto thrived on it's supporting characters. Due to Naruto's apparent lack of immediate family. Boruto basically does the same thing except this time, the supporting characters are so forgettable and uninspiring. There is also the fact that Naruto now has a family, something he never had in the series. I find it strange that the focus is more on the Boruto and the supporting cast than Boruto, Naruto Hinata and Himawari.

    I appreciate the effort put into Boruto in a artistic and literary approach and, it's not easy being completely original without shifting into areas that have already been used. I of all people know that originality can be debated for hours when observed through various methods of criticism. However, there is also the familiarity that Mikio Ikemoto, used when writing Boruto. Perhaps it was to keep the story familiar to readers and viewers, or he was scared of straying from a tried and trusted formula. This somewhat detracts from the series subtitle; "Naruto Next Generations" if it's the next generation, why are we faced with so many familiar concepts?

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    Any RWBY fans here? The trailer for Volume 5 is now out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphan View Post
    Any RWBY fans here? The trailer for Volume 5 is now out.
    I am not a fan of it. To be honest, it always looked like Rooster-Teeth used mo-cap and then created it in Miku Miku Dance along with some custom shaders. Probably because it's not anime. Sorry!

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    Hi, I wish to know, befor I get into trouble.

    if I post some survey forms for South African Anime of the Year, would it be considered spam?

    it's for an anime club that I'm a part of,

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