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Thread: Find local WoW players and guilds - new site!

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    Smile Find local WoW players and guilds - new site!

    Hi everyone. I've been working on a site that will hopefully help local WoW players, both old and new, to find realms and guilds with South African players. Please bear in mind that the site is still in EARLY stages of development, so hold back on the comments on how bad the design is and how many missing features there are. As I find time I'll be including more features and making it look pretty.

    What I'd really appreciate from as many of you as possible is for you to sign up on the site and add your toons to the database... everything else should happen automatically from there (guilds, character details, etc).

    Check it out at

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    Excellent idea! Yet another +1 to Lightbringer EU
    PSN: LydonMcG

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    Thanks guys. Don't forget to tell your friends and guild mates... The more the merrier

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    Just letting everyone know that there have been a bunch of site updates and new features added, so go check it out if you haven't yet

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    I'm liking the new features. This could prove very handy in convincing Blizzard to give us a local server...
    PSN: LydonMcG

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