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    so i'm attending a LAN in june where BF2 will be played, at the last 2 LANs i pretty much came last, if you ignore those who have never played, and the under 12s... if you guys can give me a few tips/tricks etc...

    i found the following

    Hold down "E" when a friendly vehicle approaches you. NO matter how fast its going...You'll automatically be picked up by it. (Unless its full of course)
    Engineers can defuse mines and claymores by kneeling over them and using the wrench on them. Claymores must be defused from behind and take a while longer to defuse.
    If you cant stand listening to foreign jibber jabber over the radio commands, turn it off. Go into the Audio settings and check the "English VO Only" Option.
    When in a vehicle and capping a flag. Lay down smoke by hitting your X button. Also hitting F10 and F11 help see around you faster.
    As a sniper, and within 100m of someone, hitting them once and shooting them with your pistol once will almost always kill them. Except is MEC at times since their sniper rifle is weaker.
    Kit Tricks:
    If your buddy dies as a medic, Walk up to his body and hit G to pick up his pack...Revive him with his own paddles.
    If your buddy is a Spec Ops and he runs to a tank to drop C4 on it. ONly to get ran over. You can pick up his kit w/ G also and use the detonator to still blow the C4 on the tank.
    C4. Two C4 to blow up tanks/Apc, 1 c4 for everything else.
    Propane tanks and the red gas cans on docks and near flags can be blown up if shot. Easy kills if someone is next to one.
    When dog fighting. Stay in bombing mode till you can sneak up on a plane, then switch to missle mode and keep your lock.
    Engineer mines can be laid in shallow water. Helps prevent boats and apcs from making sneak attacks...and cant be seen.
    Easiest way to whore out teampoints is to find a pilot to fly the blackhawk. Stick in 1 engineer, 1 support, and 1 medic. Engy automatically repairs, medic will heal any gunner shot and support will resupply all of the gunners. Do this for a majority of the map and you'll rack up points like crazy.
    When Anti Tank and taking a long range shot, aim ABOVE the tank so that you wont be locked on to him and his alert wont go off. When its about to hit pull your mouse down(AT missles are guided) to direct it into him.
    making a vehicle slide down a steep slow SIDEWAYS makes it take little to no damage. Easy to get down a hill instead of traversing the winding road.
    If you're a squad leader, you can request Artillery, UAV, Supply drops by holding T and selecting it from the menu. NOTE: It will "target" the area whereever your crosshair is dont look at a mountain across the map when requesting it....look down.
    When you're squad leader, if you decide to actively engage in combat and dont want to stop to use your commander functions, you also can hit the T button to bring up a menu to play UAV/Art/Supply drop wherever you're targeting w/ your crosshairs.
    When climbing down a ladder, hold the sprint key to slide down the ladder at a very fast speed. You can also use the F9-12 keys to switch view while on ladders.
    When on your primary weapon, tap the 3 key again to alternate between single shot mode and burst/automatic fire mode.
    For commander:
    Scan is your friend. Do a scan and anywhere outside of the UAV, right click on the red dots and do "spotted" It will highlight on your teams map and allow them to sniff out the enemy.
    If you're out of Scan/UAV, you can zoom in maximum and right click on enemies running around and spot them also.
    Do a scan before you set artillery to get maximum efficiency.
    Drop time for supply box = 8 seconds
    Time for artillery to reach target = 15 seconds.
    Artillery will go through tin roofs of the sheds.
    In the commander screen(hit caps lock) you can order multiple squads to locations by using the CTRL key when clicking on them.
    You can also filter out certain classes to find the class you need by using the buttons at the very bottom of the window
    i'll be starting to practise soon

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