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Thread: What are you playing right now?

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    GTA IV
    and all the games that you can play online :>

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    I see many here playing GTA IV. Is there any way I can fix the camera to the car, so that I don't have to look with the mouse as well?

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    Left 4 Dead & Fifa 09

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    Left4Dead and well any more sugestions

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    I'm busy playing evil genius i love that game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zakeroph View Post
    I'm busy playing evil genius i love that game
    Never played (or seen) it before

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkWater View Post
    That actually works ok with Fallout since you can easily just pickup and continue where you left off although you might get addicted :/

    Was Dead Space worth the money since I'm really looking into buying the game.
    I don't think many games are worth their price at the moment, even some of the good ones, but thats just me (and the economy) .

    Dead Space is good, but not brilliant. I was told it's scarier than Doom 3 (which I enjoyed a lot), but although it has its moments, it doesn't come close. I like the perspective you have (camera view over the shoulder) which is something different from the norm and the storyline flows nicely with the gameplay.

    Another thing I enjoy about Dead Space is that you can't just run around blasting away (wasting ammo). You need to make every shot count which adds to the tension. You also need to plan how you want to spend your credits (ammo or upgrade) because there isn't enough to get everything - unless you play through a second time (maybe).

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    Been playing COD:WAW mainly. But I really need to finish GTA4, Deadspace, RA3, Mercenaries2 and POP4 at some stage.

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    COD 5 online multiplayer!

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    Hardcore team deathmatch, domination, headquarters to be exact.

    Didn't really enjoy the 'war' game setting...

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