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    OK... so I thought I might as well try this. Before I get covered in purply-pink flames for not posting this in the Off-Topic section, I just want to clarify my position on this. this is the General gaming section and while DnD is not a "Video Game", it is still a game. A very engrossing one at that. Since There is a section for Consoles/PC/Hardware, I thought why not do a mini-hijack of the General section to spruce it up a bit... give it more personality if you will. Why doesn't someone start a TCG thread (like Magic:TG) and a Table Top Warfare thread (Warhammer) so that all gamers alike can enjoy!

    To start... what do you guys think of the new rules (I only got hold of them recently and am on the fence TBO)... 3E was awesome and I think they only changed it because they were running out of ideas to add to 3.5E. Also... now everyone needs to buy at least 2 new books (the greedy fsckers)...

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    Well Dungeons and Dragons Online is a game

    I wanted to try it, but it seems very similar to Guild Wars with regards to its instancing policy. I'm not quite sure if it will grab my attention as Guild Wars covers that ground.

    I can't say I've ever tried the table-top version myself.
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    I have played the tabletop version before with some friends but stopped after a while. I still have my dice and the two books I bought (The first and second PHB's). I might start again but I don't know any players in my area.

    I generally play the PC games that use DnD, with personal preference for Neverwinter Nights (1, not 2). I like the two expansions the most. For some reason I don't find the Oc as captivating as the expansions.

    As for the new rules, I haven't really looked at it that much. I'm not sure how the new spellcasting will work in gameplay. I prefer playing Sorcerer, because the whole memorizing spells is a bit annoying for me. I could never get the hang of it.

    I do however dislike the lore behind 4E. I like Mystra, so I'm angry at them for killing her off. I personally think tht a lot of people will stay on 3.5E rather than move over to 4E. But I think that game publishers are going to use 4E when they make new DnD games and that is going to annoy me a bit.

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    Yeah - I also got pissed off that they killed Mystra. I finally found a DM after 3 years of searching. The new spellcasting system is a bit whack though... What with the difference between the powers and all that. Still need to look it up and absorbe it, but seeing as that DM is making a 4e game... I guess I'll have to

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    only played and dm-ed 2nd addition, then stopped and moved on with life , but i still miss the sessions.

    at the moment however i'm playing ddo which isn't too bad either; i find it allot more interactive and immersive than most of the mmo's out there and besides its dnd !

    imho rather stick with 3.5 than going 4th.
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