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Thread: Welcome new forum members!

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    Default Welcome new forum members!

    This thread serves to officially welcome new members to the MyGaming forums.

    Here are a few things to help you on your way.

    - Register here It's free and takes 2 minutes.

    - Introduce yourself here. This is a good way to break the ice and become familiar with other forum users.

    - Browse the forums from here

    - Check out MyGaming's front page news section here

    - Find out about our weekly competitions here.

    Most competitions have a post requirement to enter. Please do not spam the forums with useless posts in order to get your post count up so that you can enter competitions. Other users will report you as a spammer, and you may be disqualified from entering.

    These forums threads will help you get your post count ticking without resorting to spam:

    - Thread Killer (general chat thread)

    - Joke Thread

    - Image of the day thread

    - Gaming news section

    Please make yourself familiar with our forum rules.

    For any forum related queries, please contact me, RustPuppet, or James (in that order preferably) via the forum's private message function.
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