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Thread: World of Warcraft: Is the community really that bad?

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    Me thinks Paladin's need a major nerf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voicy View Post
    Anonymity will do that to anyone ... anywhere... anytime.

    Being among strangers in an environment where you cannot be prosecuted for your actions, will cause you to develop and portray your own alter ego. Some say your alter ego is not the real person you are, since you show no signs of it when met in person, however your alter ego is the TRUE you that you would reflect if nobody watches over you.

    Your morals dictate your actions when nobody is around to find out. Character dictates your actions despite people being around.
    True! The thing is that in a MMORPG environment, you are dealing with people with cultures in extreme diversity! This can be a nightmare for South Africans who have been brought up with 'our version' of moral standards. The worst for me are the former Russian states who think that calling your mother a whore is acceptable!

    For the past 6 years I have been in MMORPG server admin, and a GM simply has to enforce the server's rules promptly and correctly. It does not take players long to realise that any form of abuse is not acceptable and they usually end up complying!

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