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Thread: Starcraft 2

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    Not sure any one has seen this or tried it in custom? In the Burning Tide map. Way too easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by McT View Post
    It took me a while to muster the courage to take the plunge. But it was worth it all. Been called n00b a few times, but you learn through winning and losing. Mostly learnt by watching replays and you-tube videos that do tutorials in them. In the end it's huge fun
    Agreed, the teamliquid site is really good for replays - but there is nothing like playing a real opponent. Most frustrating for me is having a build order all figured out and then somehow you forget half of what you are supposed to do because you get so obsorbed in game.

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    In the heat of battle too often the build order is forgotten ... and then it's too late.

    Also look at some of the games/strategies hosted by Husky Starcraft and WTii. They're both pretty good at explaining the micros of what's going on.

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    I have been playing the Starjewel mod a bit now. Has been interesting. Just can't get the troops out quick enough. All about the right combos I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yequan View Post
    I started sucking, I can not play, often due to learning. This does not completely eliminate the stress of the game when you get obsessed with every 2 ... boots arrived last night, it is difficult to get a quick game menu, pop-up .....
    English please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fivel View Post
    English please?
    Watcha mean ... lol

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    terrifying worker rush ... something different

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    Anyone seen MMA play in the MLG?
    Evil meet my Sword. Sword, meet Evil!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crzwaco View Post
    Anyone seen MMA play in the MLG?
    Yeah.... it was awesome XP
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    @Crzwaco & @Hraffnir
    You guys see the lulz of the Orbital command?

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