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Thread: What cloud computing Could do for gaming

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    Default What cloud computing Could do for gaming

    There has been many an arguement about wether Pc gaming is dead dying necrotic
    or just changing form.The reality is computing gaming and the virtual world as
    we know it is changing for good.

    With the advent of cloud Computing the entire way we expereince Media and work
    Has Changed And is still changing. the idea therof to eventually have a centralised
    Platform accssibe from anywhre by nearly anything Like carrying your desktop
    around with you and sharing it across devices Seeing and using the same thing wether
    it be on your phone, tablet, pc, tv or console.

    Now for this to be possible all that content has to be stored on a remote server. Now stay
    with me on this. Say certain parts of that are made controlable by others a kind of public
    folder but not really pulbic just public to certain corparations and those corarations
    have more control over the folder than you do. So you can read the data but they can write.

    Soo getting to the point. This would Make Renting Games and Movies ect Possible again.
    Giving users a chance to play the WHOLE game without buying it

    Many pirates only pirate software because they wat to try it out before they buy it or because
    They dont want to pay for a game they know their only gonna spend x amount of hours on
    (anyone reminded of the way you pay for WoW) So doing things this way could slightly impact piracy.

    And ofcourse the whole one system thing would be pretty coolNo more ps3 exclusives .

    ok tahts about what i wanted to say in a nutshell.

    Let the flame wars begin!!!

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    sounds good to me.

    no more wars on PC vs. CONSOLE. one thing though... they should make this system compatible with... KEYBOARD&MOUSE, PS CONTROLLER, XBOX CONTROLLER and WII CONTROLLER... so in this way we can lan at one house on one system all with diff controllers... bringing all gamer types together in harmony... like me... i like K&M... for shooter...


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    Not to be the pessimist but I do not think we have the broadband speed to use cloud gaming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zomosa View Post
    Not to be the pessimist but I do not think we have the broadband speed to use cloud gaming?
    Not yet. :>

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    haha! There is always hope.

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    As things keep going and growing Who knows right now the average line speed bumped up to 1mbps wich is enough for video streaming and yes enough for (bad quality) cloud gaming.

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    It will happen eventually but it's still quite a way off. And I suppose then we'll have cloud wars. The XBox Azure Cloud is <insert adjective here> than the Sony PlayCloud. And so forth.

    Ah gaming. What would we do without it?

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    While I guess it's kind of obnoxious to post a link to my own article here, it makes more sense than repeating myself

    Here's my take on it if you're interested:
    @BananaSub on Twitter

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    Great article Subversion! Its really makes you wonder how the future of gaming will be in 20-40 years time. I just hope I am alive and get to experience the future. Not holding my breathe though it still could be a while... lol

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    Its the future of gaming... all we need is super fast internet and huge-ass 3d tvs

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