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Thread: Fantasy/Adventure games. Final fantasy...?

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    Default Fantasy/Adventure games. Final fantasy...?

    Hi all,

    I really like the whole fantasy/adventure style games. I have never played any of the Final Fantasy games though. I am thinking of giving it go. Which one should I start playing from?

    Also any other good adventure style games worth playing? I am talking about the click to navigate type games. Like CSi. Is Myst any good?


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    As far as Final Fantasy go let me break it down which you should consider playing:

    FFVII (If you can handle old'd PS1 graphics this is what I consider the best place to start)

    FFVIII + FFIX (Both are must look into games, and depending on the person, they are preferable to FFVII. However, there is a good reason FFVII is the most talked about Final Fantasy)

    FFVI (Again, if you can handle really old-style graphics, SNES era, then this is an amazing game)

    FFX (I liked this game quite a bit, but it is more linear than older Final Fantasy games. I would say better than FFXII, but both are almost equal in my opinion in certain regards. PS2 era)

    FFXII (A decided change of pace from the older titles opting for a "real-time" battle system rather than turn-based system before. It felt a lot like a MMORPG. Most people found the story dull and the characters nothing special. However the gameplay is still certainly decent. PS2 era)

    FFXIII (Okay, I had a LOT of issues with this game! BUT, if you prefer your gaming more action-centric with less to no exploration and graphics are important to you, then look into this game)

    Decide from there I guess. If you can handle bad graphics then FFVII / VIII / IX are great starts.

    Something like that.

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    I agree that FF VII is the best one to start with. In spite of the old graphics I would personally love to get my hands on a copy of this one again.
    The later versions are good too but VII is probably the benchmark in my humble opinion.

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    Depending on your stance and viewpoints on the franchise, the game stops working after VII or VIII. (7 or 8).

    The more "puritan" fans vote 7.
    The more relaxed fans vote 8.

    But anything after that most hardcore FF fans would agree was more and more washed out to the point of the current retardation.

    11 (XIV) was a decent MMO at time of release. They ruined it by taking the levelcap to 99 though.

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    I'm enjoying Final Fantasy I + II + III on my iPhone currently, and can recommend III as one of the most enjoyable ones yet, Also picked up 8 for my ps3 the other day.

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    IF you have not played FF VIII you have not lived!!! Any True Gamer must play it!

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