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Thread: Linux Boot disk / NTFS Boot Disk with CD-ROM support

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    Default Linux Boot disk / NTFS Boot Disk with CD-ROM support

    Hi guys

    I have a problem and I hoping you can help. We have a PC with a CD-ROM/DVD that does not want to use the Windows 7 DVD to boot up from.

    So I thought I would create a boot disk with CD-ROM support and then change drives and run the setup out of DOS, which didn't work because of NTFS.

    So, any suggestions? Was thinking of making a linux boot disk, but the problem is that my PC at home does not even have a 1.44 drive anymore.

    Your inputs would be greatly appreciated

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    Install <current OS> on 1 partition, load it up, install windows 7 on another partition and run a dual boot setup?

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    Use a Linux Live CD and Create a Bootable USB Stick
    I did this for my EEEPC and it works like a charm, allows you to boot from the USB device ( once selected through BIOS ) and will boot a live version of most Linux Operating systems,
    I used Ubuntu 8.10 on mine
    Nice part about this setup is that it has write functionality so you can install apps sttraight onto the USB device and have them available next time you boot through its persistance file.

    This shoudl allow you to boot and then run the DVD Rom for Win 7 Installation

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