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Thread: Why is there no coverage of Dreamhack?

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    Default Why is there no coverage of Dreamhack?

    Surely it's a big enough event for a gaming news site to cover? no?
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    Been checking it out. There isn't much to report on really. Some presentations by big companies, but nothing we haven't seen at E3 already. Plus, I can't understand Swedish. It's a cool event though As long as you like listening to hardcore electro-trance-omgwtfisthisshit!? music.

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    I think he is referring to the major CS, QL, SC2 and LoL tournaments that are taking place..
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    It's a bit niche TBH. If anyone is already interested in eSports they will already be following the scene.

    The Dreamhack website has all the info one could want as well:

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    This thread seems to be in clear violation of THIS, I think it should be moved to general or PC Gaming.
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    Not much to cover. You won't find live report threads or tournament standings. Check for SC2 coverage, dunno about the rest.
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