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Thread: Tomb Raider reboot shooting for more "real" Lara

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    Default Tomb Raider reboot shooting for more "real" Lara

    New Tomb Raider going for more "real" Lara

    She’s so much more than just THAT pair of polygons

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    I loved all (well mostly) Tomb Raider Games, and Im sure this one wont dissappoint!
    Im looking forward to see how they will go about "reinventing" Lara Croft.

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    So far what I've seen and read about the re-boot is making me very optimistic. I have not played many of the iterations over the years - never really got me excited in terms of what the games did with the series and settings.

    After Guardians of Light however...I am very keen on this.

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    Since Crystal Dynamics took over the franchise the game's gone in a different direction. Not worse, I think they've taken a game that was nearing the end of its success and done fantastic things with it.
    The next installment seems promising and will build on the improvements we've seen in the past 3 games, for now it'll sit in my wishlist for next year...
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