My budget: None

Taking out of life-savings: up to R3000

Dilemma: Stick with nvidia, or go amd

EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1024MB Price:R2611
Club3D Radeon HD 6950 2GB Price: R2782

Now, I currently have an EVGA Nvidia geforce 9600gt ko card, never gave any problems. And might even still be able to run games in the future, but slowly over the past few years, I'm choosing lower and lower settings. It helps to not have a full HD screen, Res of 1680x1050.

Im looking at buying soon. Any reason I should go with the slightly more expensive amd card that has 2gb(im looking at getting a new screen, hd this time, ie 1920x1080 so the extra ram of the 6950 will help for high quality games.)

Im just concerned about the club3d, anyone have opinions of the brand, its not that its an unknown brand, its just that i havnt had any contact with anyone who owns one. Id be happy to settle with the evga, as personal experience shows its excellent quality

Also, any suggestions to go for other cards? The prices of those cards are really my max/ceiling.