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Thread: Windows 8 Will Feature Support For Xbox 360 Games On Your PC

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    Default Windows 8 Will Feature Support For Xbox 360 Games On Your PC

    We are expecting Microsoft to launch Windows 8 before the end of next year, and have already seen many of the features in Windows 8, now there is a rumor that Windows 8 will offer support for Xbox 360 games on your PC.
    The news comes from Insideris, who are citing anonymous sources, and the rumor suggests that you will be able to play Xbox 360 games on your PC, to do this you will apparently need a subscription to Xbox Live.

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    What is better than playing a crappy console port on a PC you ask?

    Playing a console game on your PC
    Yes, you heard correct, now you can play the console game on your PC, no questions asked!

    Up yours microsoft...

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    and I think it'll stay at that.
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    Lol, that is funny considering the problem with that is multi platform games that do on pc aswell have better visuals and sense of feel, this only makes sense for XBOX exclusives which then dont make them that exclusive anymore, cause pc gamers would be able to play them, and thus most PS3 owners who have access to windows 8 when it releases...

    i dont see how it makes sense, and someone will figure out a work around anyway for the xbox live issue... dont think this rumour was well thought.

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    I understand there are console exclusive games, so yes quite cool (if it actually gets implemented) but really, its unnecesary!

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    Would make sense. They make massive royalties from these double priced games. When a console comes out hardware usually costs more than they make from it. Have people pay for their own hardware and increase your games' sales.

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    Speaking of Windows 8, those with Web Africa accounts or enormous reserves [or practically unlimited] bandwidth who want to have a look at a developer edition of Windows 8 can do so by downloading it from Web Africa's ftp server.
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    I honestly doubt they'd do it. It wouldn't make financial sense. My bet is they'll stick with GFWL.

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    Any more news on this?
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