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Thread: AMD: Xbox 720 will deliver Avatar-like visuals

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    Default AMD: Xbox 720 will deliver Avatar-like visuals

    AMD: Xbox 720 will deliver Avatar-like visuals

    And it will have pretty good physics and AI capabilities too.

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    This does not go down well with the PS3 fanboy inside me ...
    Seriously though, it would be awesome for console to pack some serious punch to last through the years!
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    This seems like little more than chest-thumping to me. Even if Microsoft (with the help of AMD?) manage to put together 20,000+ GigaFLOP hardware for the Xbox720, the statements couldn't be true: Weta's renderfarm couldn't generate Avatar's graphics in real time.

    At best what could have been meant in this interview is that the graphics quality would be indiscernable from Avatar, but wouldn't run at the same resolution or level of detail Avatar needed to. Or maybe he was referring to 3D capabilities?
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    That is impressive but in a year when the console is due Avatar-like will be outdated, i hope they are pushing for a graphics architecture that can exceed that well into the future, cause giving yourself a limit and not wanting to push beyond that is bad in my book.

    As for the ability for the AI t o be individually programmed that is a good concept will had some variety rto the games we need to avoid the repetitive things we are forced to do, Downside is if developers dont see the use of this, if they going to have to encode two type of games so in the end Sony has to step up to the plate two and hope to God (pardon me if this statement offends the religious parts of the mygaming community) they develop something that has the same if not better abilities.

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    I'm pretty happy with this idea...but not so much the fact that they thinking about bringing out another Xbox just after they've release the Xbox 360 Slim :/
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    Wow sounds like when the PS 2 could render toy story 2 in real time. Even the tech demos looked farking amazing it is all talk till it really happens.

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