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Thread: Valve says DotA community is "not toxic at all"

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    Default Valve says DotA community is "not toxic at all"

    Valve defends DOTA community’s bad reputation

    “We don’t think the DOTA community is a toxic one at all”

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    I'm not sure if you would call it toxic but it is extremely unfriendly to new players much of that has to do with the way the game works and how one person playing badly can negatively impact other peoples gameplay. Other factors also play a part like the duration of games, the ability to join or leave when you want and the supporting systems which ensure that you are playing with people of the same skill level.

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    It all depends on how you look at it,

    If its community vs community (ie dota vs counter strike) then honours goes to the other communities because hey at least we try and do play other games, but people who love FPS etc will never (or hardly do) play stuff like RTS...

    If its within the community i must say that dota/hon/lol are the biggest a-holes in existance. Dont get me wrong but, we do help the general noob on occasion if they ask for help but if someone completely ruins a game omg heaven help the poor soul, cause hell hath no fury than a dota player scourned (<--- see what i did there). Sometimes even banning the poor soul.

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    HoN going f2p was suppose to put new players together so that they could learn the game. That kinda backfired due to the backlash against early access, resulting in griefing smurf heaven...

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    I wonder if the developers are active members in the most foul mouthed community. I played DOTA but players are crazy about expectations and this makes it unbearable if your a newbie, like I. Secondly I recently attempted HON and I thought maybe time would allow their community to become more civil, I was so wrong. Since my HON experience began, more and more exponentially talented players are using the free accounts to practice. This creates a rift in the true skills of players. HON should have done the F2P model from the beginning and implemented stricter rules about the way players treat each other.

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    My sincerest hopes for Dota 2 are the following:

    Proper administrators
    A way to turn all text chats off in-game so that you simply don't have to worry about people badmouthing you
    Foul language filtering and possibly getting someone banned for racist remarks or foul language

    I'm a big FPS genre fan, but I also love to play Dota. The only thing that bothers me when playing Dota is the foul language and terrible comments. Stuff like that doesn't get tolerated on BF2 servers since the Admins are always around and there is proper language filtering in place. Hopefully now that Dota is becoming a fully-fledged game and not just a mod, it will have these filtering systems in place to provide a much better multiplayer environment.

    Valve has the opportunity to basically polish a community that still has a lot of rough edges due to improper technology behind it. Consider that you'll probably have some sort of "anti-hacking" technology behind Dota 2 as well, and you'll already improve the community and experience 10 fold. Take out the 12-year-old mentality comments and swearing and you improve it even further.

    I am eagerly anticipating Dota 2's release and I'm very excited to see what benefits it will bring to the community and its genre now that a proper company is backing it.
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    A way to turn all text chats off in-game so that you simply don't have to worry about people badmouthing you
    I would pay JUST for that feature.

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    F2P is gonna be a problem. If people can just register a new a/c every time they get banned then its going to be chaos.

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    Hmm I wonder if they are going to release it on steam free to play like TF2, I would actually download it and give it a bash. Also if it's only half as bad as Dungeon siege then doubly goodness all round... not sure that makes sense :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavocXphere View Post
    F2P is gonna be a problem. If people can just register a new a/c every time they get banned then its going to be chaos.
    It might be free to play but many people spend money buying stuff and put in lots of time unlocking things, so getting banned still bears weight.

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