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Thread: The smartphone debate

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    Default The smartphone debate

    I've been looking into a new smartphone since my precious HTC Desire got nicked a few months ago and sadly not having insurance on the frigging phone I've decided to hold out for bigger and better phones... and they are here!!

    I've always been a huge fan of Android phones since they came out, and I'm having trouble choosing between the Samsung Galaxy SII and HTC's latest Sensation. I wanted to hear the views of other "potential buyers" and perhaps owners on what they would choose and why. It often comes down to a personal choice I think but there are a few things that make me wish I could just combine the two phones :P

    After using the phones in stores, and a mate of mine has a HTC Sensation, the Samsung's screen beats the HTC's hands down, it also has more built in storage than the Sensation. On the other side Sense UI is awesome and I've really enjoyed it on my Desire (cry will miss you), and the Sensation comes with Sense 3.0. Also the Sensation records audio with stereo sound, which is the only phone on the market that does if I remember correctly.

    The last thing that gets me is the Samsung feels like a superior phone with it's big fancy screen and reams of storage space, but it feels very light and plastic which kinda puts me off. HTC has always had good build quality and when I pick up the Sensation you get that feeling that wow, this is an expensive, sophisticated modern device. Saying that it is equally impressive to grab the powerful Samsung phone and feel just how light it is, almost like how "dynamite comes in small packages" or light ones ^^

    In terms of price they are both available for R320pm from various networks.

    help me chooose!

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    Don't go HTC, rather take Galaxy SII it's a very very nice phone and it's gonna outlast the rest, I can see it now... If I could afford it I would have gone for that instead of the iPhone 4. just my 2c
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    iphone 4 and sensation has the whole death grip thing going for them :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by sycogrim View Post
    Don't go HTC, rather take Galaxy SII it's a very very nice phone and it's gonna outlast the rest, I can see it now... If I could afford it I would have gone for that instead of the iPhone 4. just my 2c
    +1 for that

    The SII is an incredible phone, packed with any and every future you could possibly want. At the moment there is nothing on the market that comes even close, and having used 2x HTC's which gave me endless hell, I would never touch them again.
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    I have this exact dilemma. But what's deciding it for me is the battery life. I checked some reviews on youtube and the sensation is reported to have a disgustingly bad battery life (One review reported 10 hours with general use). So its the SGSII for me.
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    I a HTC and NOKIA fan, so I would strongly suggest HTC they are just so much better and have the best features but rather go for the HD series not the sensation.

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    I've always liked the build quality on HTC phones, even going back to the HTC HD2 windows mobile phone. has some nice reviews on both phones but man it's a tough decision. Right now Virgin Mobile have a deal on the S2 for R320pm withR300 airtime on their Classic 300 package. Looks like a pretty good deal, they also do the Sensation for R320pm same contract but includes 1000 free sms's pm.

    This was a particularly good read and comparison between the two phones.

    I'm leaning towards the Sammy, it seems like many people prefer it.

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    I have the first gen SGS. Seen the SGS II and it's definitely my next phone.

    The SGS is quick, pictures and colours are crisp and clear. Videos look awesome on it. It's easy to use and navigate. With so many apps being written for Android, the SGS is a great phone to appreciate them. Also, the screen is really tough and had mine a year now without a single scratch on it (and no cover either).

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    Wow, i like the way Blackberry doesnt get mentioned in the great smartphone debate

    I know spec wise, BBs cant compete, but pound for pound or rand for rand, they win with the dataplan. I have a few friends at work with their HTC's but they keep complaining they cant make full use of it, unless they at home using their wi-fi.

    Now im not trying to disagree with anything said above or defend blackberry, but look at your usage as well and how much that will cost you when u are making your decision.

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    i like nokia, but in this case i would go with the Galaxy SII...just its screen quality in general and in sunlight alone would make me want one

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