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Thread: Deus Ex: Human Revolution competition

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    Default Deus Ex: Human Revolution competition

    Courtesy of Megarom, we have a PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition to give away, along with a Deus Ex: Human Revolution T-shirt.

    To enter, you have to answer the following question here in this thread.

    If you could have any real life augmentation, what would it be and why?

    There is no post-count requirement for this competition. One winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon after 3.
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    I'd like an augmentation that can surpress the semi I am nursing now

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    I'd like one that can erase the thought of Plassie nursing his semi.

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    Funnily enough, I was thinking of something along these lines the other day ....... Teeth - stupid things that always break and then *shudder* Dentists have to get involved.

    I would dig to have different teeth for different things we eat: Like Thursday is steak day, no worries, titanium teeth augment coming right up! Sunday Malva pudding, no worries, rounded glass teeth augment coming right up!

    Weird but awesome in my opinion
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    Pffft, this one is easy: I'd like an augmentation that'd let me hack the MyGaming server/Tinman's brain to automatically make me the winner of the competition.

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    Scarily enough, the one I'd settle for is one that's technically possible: a full audiovisual 24/7 hi-def recording mode (a.k.a. lifelog). Bonus points for auto-indexing and lightning fast search.

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    ok so since this thread is already on its way down south.

    I'd like to have breasts that shoot out lazer beams (like Lazer liza in Sondag)
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    Virtual Reality gaming - meaning no limits on graphics, sound etc. Your mind produces all of those!!

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    I would love to fix my slight overbite which the Orthodontist failed to do and to fix my sciriosis skin condition in my hair and slightly on my face. I would also augment my hearing.

    So I wouldn't keep biting my tongue and that I don't have to use special shampoo and facewash everyday and I can hear everything that people are saying behind my back.
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    I'd dig to have an augment to fully interface with a computer system. You plug in and instead of a mouse, keyboard or some such peripheral, you use your mind. (mainly for gaming purposed though )
    Always dreamed of playing a racing sim or FPS like that... just to add a whole new level to the "immersion" aspect of gaming.
    A cherry on top of that would be if it was a full sensory link that included things like smells, touch and the like VERY keen

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