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Thread: Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC already patched

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    Default Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC already patched

    Deus Ex PC patch released, reduces loading times

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    Awesome patch already downloaded and the game hasn't even unlocked yet.
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    Thought this be appropriate for this thread:

    Just a note to those running in DX11. If you're getting white spots on the faces of characters while using tessellation, its because you've set the wrong AA for your gfx card.

    MLAA = AMD (set as default)
    FXAA = Nvidia

    I was pretty pissed this morning when I had a quick look at the game and noticed all the characters having serious pimple issues, but fortunately found a solution on the official forums.

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    any1 have any idea how big the patch is?
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    anyone played it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gir View Post
    anyone played it yet?
    Clocked 10+ hours so far (VPN), its pretty good. Graphically its NOT a good looking game, especially character models, faces and dialog animation, often times it creeps over into the realm of UGLY. Bolt on DX11 for a few special effects that certainly doesn't fix low poly models and bad texturing. Gameplay wise and your choices for approaching situations is only matched by the original Deus Ex, clearly a tremendous amount of effort was poured into this part of the game. I also stand by the critics on this about bosses, at least the one boss fight I had so far was disproportionately bad compared to the rest of the game mostly because you are limited with one way to approach the situation.

    Overall, if you can overlook some of its serious technical limitations, there's a great game. I know I sound negative, but I'm quite pleased with the game as a complete package, much MUCH more worthy attempt at a sequel than Invisible War. Worth mentioning that the UI is quite good, which is very rare among modern games. Grid based inventory!!!!

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    i dont get all the hate toward invisible war, i really did enjoy it as enjoyed the first one, and by the looks of the i am going to enjoy this one too.

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    So, I think I'm almost done with the game. Very good so far, but IMO it leans more towards IW than the first game.

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    I'm taking this as a good sign, to see a patch released so quickly!! Can't wait to get the game on Friday!!

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