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Thread: Win a Driver: San Francisco bundle (Xbox 360) courtesy of Ubisoft South Africa

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    Default Win a Driver: San Francisco bundle (Xbox 360) courtesy of Ubisoft South Africa

    Ubisoft South Africa has a neat bundle of Driver: San Francisco goodies to give away to one lucky MyGaming forumite.

    The bundle contains:

    • Driver: San Francisco game (Xbox 360)
    • Driver: San Francisco soundtrack vinyl LP “Sounds of San Francisco” (contains DLC)
    o Singleplayer challenge – Relay race
    o Multiplayer Legendary Car – Lamborghini Miura 1972
    • Driver: San Francisco T-Shirt
    • Two Driver: San Francisco themed stickers
    • Driver: San Francisco key ring
    • Driver: San Francisco poster

    *Ignore the PS3 version pictured :-P We had the wrong disc out for the glamour shot; it is most definitely an Xbox 360 version being given away.

    How to enter

    - Post a short paragraph in this thread explaining why you want Driver: San Francisco.

    - Post only once in this thread. Spamming or conversing in the thread gets you disqualified.

    - Must be a resident of South Africa.

    Winner announce

    One winner will be chosen on Monday, 12 September 2011, at 1PM.

    Prizes not claimed within 48 hours will be reallocated to a new random draw winner

    The winner will be announced in this thread. Be sure to check back to claim your prize.

    The competition starts now; GO GO GO!

    Good luck!

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    I would like to win this bundle to start pimping out my gaming man cave with cool stickers and Poster, I would like to show off my name gaming status with the awesome key ring as well as jaming with my friends to the sound track. I am a huge car game fun and this this game would make a great item to my collection.

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    I've been wanting to get myself a good car game for ages now but I've never been able to, because I'm a stupid bastard who spends all his money on short-lived happiness. I've been following Driver: San Francisco details ever since it was first unveiled at E3 and was intrigued immediately, which might explain the erection I am currently experiencing after seeing this prize. Do want.

    "You think things have to be possible? They have to be true!" - Philip Pullman

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    Because the Driver series is awesome. And I really want that LP. I have a collection of game music but none of it is on vinyl - so that would be a first for me.

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    It is the best open world racing game ever! I read a few reviews and apparently if you enjoyed Need for Speed : Shift, which I loved, you will have countless hours of fun. To be honest I just want the poster and the key ring. I will probably purchase the game for the PC.

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    I really want this game cause it is based on me and how I drive my car and is only fair I get compensated for the wonderful idea and the use of thereof in a game!

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    Thinking back to the original Driver still gives me goosebumps and I loved every moment of it. If this game is even half as good I will be a very happy gamer. I've been keeping tabs on this for quite a while now and I'm really excited about it. I hope that key chain doesn't make me drive like Driver though! Good times ahead is what I see!

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    Oh where to start...there are a few good reasons would like this bundle. First off, I actually own an xbox - seriously. Secondly, car/driving games are the closest most of us can realistically get to driving sick super fast cars, and I am relegated to having a ‘good old family car’ at home. Thirdly, winning this would make my brother in law flip his lid with jealousy...which is always a good thing. Fourthly, even my wife loves car games, and a happy wife = a good life. Fifthly(if that’s a word), this bundle is just straight up pretty damn cool.… I could go on...but nuff said.

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    I like to win this game just because I like playing games on my Xbox 360! But the picture shows its for PS3 and well... I didn't win that competition for the PS3 and the Thread Title shows its for Xbox 360 (So Confusing!). And with so many great other games on its way this year my budget is already set out for them and having/winning Driver: San Francisco will just make my collection so much greater!

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    I would like to win this competition so that I can experience the thrill of this game without having to actually spend money on it :-) and given the number of titles that are coming out in the next few months, a free game would be an AWESOME prize! and I would make sure that I generously donate all the extra goodies to my friends so as to share the love ;-)

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